Amazon Mileage Totals Are IN!!

The results that everyone has been waiting on pins and needles for is finally computed, checked and double checked and ready for publication!!

First a little recap…

Our first day of work was Sept 4th and Chris’ last night of work was Dec 23rd. By my calculations that’s 16 weeks of walking non-stop for Amazon.

Chris couldn’t believe how high the totals got and had me run it all over again just to be sure… So, here goes!!

Total Miles Walked:


Highest Weekly Total:

79.15 (First week of Peak)

Last Month Total:


Average Weekly Mileage:


In essence Chris could have walked from Coffeyville Kansas to Corpus Christi Texas or from New York City to Grand Rapids Michigan or Eureka California to Palm Springs California or Boise Idaho to Cheyenne Wyoming.

Pretty stinkin amazin!!

As for his weight loss, well he surpassed his goal even with me feeding him extra cookies in his lunches and ended up losing a grand total of 28 pounds!! He is a lean mean walking machine!! He says he hasn’t felt this good in years and take it from me…he looks fabulous!!  😉 He is looking forward to the next couple weeks of down time to recoup and relax before we get on with the next big adventure!!

Travel update –

We spent a nice quiet Christmas hunkered down in the rig while the wind knocked us around getting up to 40+ mph and the temps stayed in the  teens but we didn’t see one tiny little snowflake. Today has been a whirlwind of packing, tossing, sorting, tossing, stashing and more tossing. We’re ready to hit the highway just as soon as our route is clear of the snow that did fall around us. Our fingers are crossed for tomorrow but we’ll wait it out until the conditions are safe for travel. We ain’t in no big hurry!! It’s so not worth trying to get there a day or two early!!

Keep ya posted!!

** I’m grateful for the loose schedule to wait to head out until all is clear. We’ve had to do hard driven through snow before and I’m so grateful we don’t have to attempt that again in our home!!

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


5 thoughts on “Amazon Mileage Totals Are IN!!

  1. thats great Chris! we spent our Christmas working as usual. going on week 6 of being sick. even went to the dr.. shocking, i know. love you guys and miss you very much…

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