On the Road Again!!

The day has finally come!! I’ve had my doubts that it ever would over the past week or so but it’s here – Finally!!

We. Are. Leaving. Kansas!!

Hip Hip Hooray!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

The roads have cleared up through Oklahoma, we are packed and oh so ready. I was surprised at how easily it all came together… Everything seemed to fit better than our last load up even with the addition of more ‘stuff’. Some of it I’m sure was the purging on unneeded ‘stuff’ but it felt like even the ‘stuff’ was ready to get the hell outta dodge and was especially cooperative!! The kids are a little upidy…they know something is about to happen but it’s hard to tell if they really know what’s in store but it’ll be the last long ride for them for quite some time.

We’ll be taking a different route out and hitting Tulsa instead of good ole Route 66. Once through Tulsa we’ll be big city clear until Dallas but at that point we’ll be back on the route we’ve taken several times now and headed into familiar territory. Heading home. It seems strange, even to me, that one of the places we’ve been the shortest amount of time would have such a strong attachment to call it home. Maybe it’s us, maybe it’s Texas, maybe it’s just a good mix. Either way, we’re heading home!! We’ll be taking a couple of days to get there, nice and slow, and then we’ll have a whole week to relax and enjoy civilization again before we begin our next big adventure!!

There are so many things we’re looking forward to!! Starbucks, for starters, will be in our hands by the end of the day!! That’s a given!! It’s been over 4 months since our last sip of that heavenly nectar… Warmer temps. The sweetest people on earth. The wildlife. The real stores, with real goods!! Oh my!! Chris is in desperate need of some new better fitting clothes and I need about 2 hours to wander around the biggest craft store we can find. And if we could find a real chinese restaurant we’d be beside ourselves. It’s been a very long 4 months in the sticks of Kansas… Can you tell?? 😉

Enough day dreaming for now…plenty of time for that while we’re on the road. Now it’s checklist time…

New batteries in the walkie talkies – Check

Cell phone fully charged – Check

Battery on Snowball charging – Check

Roads Reports Clear – Check and Double Check

GPS Charged – Check

Laptops fully charged – Check & Check

Full Load of Water – Check X8

Kids hiding places clear and snuggly – Check and Check

New batteries in the camera – Check

Fluids checked in Red and Snowball – Check & Check

I think all that’s left is to actually get ready, flush the tanks, clean all the windows, put the last of the bungie cords up, grab a bite and do a final trash run. Then it’s off to the Wally for some ice and we’re outta here!! Not sure if we’ll have internet tonight…we should but you never know. Once in San Antonio we will for sure – See ya there!!

** Minor set back… Outside hose is frozen… Rut Roo!!

Our last great sunset in Kansas…


On the Road Again!! Woo HOO!!

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


10 thoughts on “On the Road Again!!

  1. Travel safe! Will be headed to Texas not far behind you. Can’t WAIT to put away all shoes except sandals! Not 100% sure where we’ll end up… either Mission or gateguarding. Can’t wait for a good haircut and a visit to Central Market! And then regular grocery stops at HEB! LOVE my HEB!

    • Oh I can’t wait to do my shopping at the HEB again!! It’s the bestest grocery store in the whole wide world!!
      If y’all go the GGing route I heard of a couple different companies that are hiring guards right now for immediate gate placement…
      I haven’t put up my flip flops yet and don’t plan too!! I know…I’m such a rebel!! 😉

  2. I know what you mean about Texas being home. It is for us now too…probably for a year or two, unless something happens. But for now, here we are, eexcept for trips.

    See you in San Antonio? Movie? Lunch? Mani and pedi? Where will you be camping in San Antone?

    Not warm here by any stretch of the imagination. Tonight 28, tomorrow night 24, daytime in the 50s. May even get some rain in the next week. So far, no snow!!!

    Stay safe. See you soon?

    • It’s been a long while since anywhere felt like home for us so we’re thrilled to be going back!! We will see you soon…we’re hoping to land sometime Sunday. We’ll definitely hit the town!! Girls day out!! Fabulous!! 😉

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