Texas Bound!!

We are relaxing after day 2 of our road trip to Texas at WinStar Casino on the Oklahoma Texas border. We stayed here on our trek to Kansas and since we’re taking the same route back it was an easy choice to stop for the night. It’s a nice inexpensive campground and the showers are fabulous!! We got Snowball hooked up and headed over for some grub, play our free round of slots and I won the cost of our dinner so it’s a win win!! Now we’re home relaxing…it’s been a long couple of days!!

Let me tell ya all about it!! πŸ˜‰

First off we got a horribly late start leaving Coffeyville for several reasons, first off our potty hose was frozen (literally yucky poo poo) and if that wasn’t bad enough the valve to open the potty tank was frozen closed (double yuck). We didn’t have much choice but to wait…and then wait some more…after all that waiting we went and got several jugs of hot water and started thawing it ourselves. It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it!! Once the poo was taken care of we went to start Big Red and Snowball to get them warming while we settled our bill at the office for the couple of days we were over what Amazon was going to pay. Red fired right up but we knew Snowball would take some coaxing after 4 whole months of not being ran at all. We coaxed, sweet talked, bargained, bribed and then resorted to cursing and screaming at the old bitch to start!! Nothing worked…until Big Red pulled her sweet little tail up and jumped her. I wish I had taken a snap of it!! After a bit of a rest and a little more coaxing and bribing she fired up – Finally!! We let her run for a good half hour while we said our good-byes and paid our bill, all $25 dollars of it. We were off, finally, first stop to get gas in Coffeyville before hitting the highway outta town. So what happens when we pull in to the gas station?? Well first off the row of pumps Chris pulled the rig into were shut off so he needed to pull around – no biggie right?? It wouldn’t have been except he turned Snowball off to pump the gas and she didn’t want to start again… You gotta remember her battery was completely dead!! After umpteen tries and then Red’s assistance she finally fires up and we fill up with her running. Needless to say these two ‘little’ delays amounted to a good 3 hours of lost time on the road.

To add a little fun to the mix, or maybe to remove some unwanted fun down the road, we decided to change our route. There was some sketchy road reports along our original route so we opted to go west in Kansas and then head straight south through Oklahoma. It added a good hour onto our drive time but better safe than sorry. We saw lots of cows and hay fields but not much more as we explored Kansas a little further. As we were just about to cross over into Oklahoma at sunset we stumbled across a small motel to settle in for the night. We figured it’d be a treat for us and the kids and the price was right, $36 with tax!! Score!! I must admit it was the funniest little motel/hotel we’ve ever seen and we were the only occupants for the night…a little spooky right?? It must have been some sight if anyone was watching us carry in 3 cats, 2 in separate pillow cases and Pinks in Chris’ coat with our little shower bags, laptop bags, litter box and food bowl. The kids were uppity for awhile sniffing everything twice but they all finally relaxed with us in the big ole double size bed. It’s hard to believe that it’s the same size as ours in the rig, it makes a huge difference not being cornered in on all sides!! Anywho, we both slept like crap…and the private shower we have been waiting so long for was a major disappointment. Makes ya think!! Like it or Lump it there’s no place like home!!

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this but Snowball has another issue…in her long list…but this one hasn’t come up in quite some time that I had forgotten all about it. Chris had not. In the cockpit, well, she doesn’t have any heat or AC. A small little detail while we’re parked for so long, a huge gigantic detail when it’s 25-40 degrees outside when your plowing down the road going 65 miles an hour!! Chris has been in heavy sweatpants, long sleeves and a coat with a blanket over his lap and gloves on while driving our beast of a home down the interstate. He started out initially with double socks on and has now upped it to 3 pairs of socks and he still couldn’t feel his toes about 3 hours into our drive. To put it in perspective…our huge water jug we use in the kitchen sink had a good 3 inches of ice in it, the fridge was off for 2 days and nothing ruined and our thermometer said it was 38 degrees when we stopped last night. In addition to his frost bite limbs…Snowball still hasn’t recharged her battery while driving enough to start on her own. So every single time we have to stop for gas I have to back up in front of the RV to jump her before we can hit the road again. It’s a huge pain in the ass!! So last night after we got home from dinner we hooked the battery charger up to Snowball so they could hang out all night and hopefully zap some sense into that stubborn battery!! I’m thrilled to report Chris just unhooked everything and we’re GREEN!! Yippee Hooray WOOHOO!! The blessed battery is fully charged!! Hallelujah!!

I have to admit the campground is full – the casino is full – it’s a packed house here between all us snowbirds headed south and the big George Lopez show playing at WinStar last night. Way too many people for our taste but tons of beautiful rigs all around us. It’s like a candy store!! Our neighbors are pulling a beautiful silver Miata – she’s simply gorgeous!! Reminds us both of Chris’ Miata back in the day, Ronnie. Anywho, we were both speechless when we were stared at, pointed at and openly talked about from the moment we pulled Snowball in amongst the beautiful people/rigs and openly shunned. Yet again, we’re the trailer trash of the group… Our feelings weren’t hurt this time, it was actually kinda comical how open they all were with their disdain, dislike and general disgust with us being among them. Really? Whatever!!

So we’re heading to Austin, day 3 of our 4 day road trip. I know, it started off as 2 but ya know what, shit happens!! We’ll be doing an overnighter there before making the last little jaunt to San Antonio and beyond.

This morning we had the most beautiful sunrise!! I ran outside in my pj’s to get these pics. Why not?? Are the neighbors going to think less of me?? Yeah right!! TeeHee.

100_1293 100_1299

100_1294 100_1301

And there we are, Snowball and Big Red in all their glory. Couldn’t resist a Dickie in the window either…what you can’t tell is that he was hollerin his head off for me to come back…drivin Chris nuts!!

Well, we’re sipping our coffee huddled around the lone heater enjoying a fine morning. It’s good to be home!! We’re more comfortable and the kids are happily sleeping on the heating blanket. There’s no place like home!!

Texas – Here We Come!!

** My gratitude overflows on this trip. We are so grateful that Red is purring and running like a champ, that Snowball is running strong and able to keep a steady 65 on the interstate. We both feel great and are having a blast!! The kids are coping well and are behaving, for the most part. We’re grateful for the good weather, sunshine and clear roads.

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


5 thoughts on “Texas Bound!!

  1. Seems like Snowball is aptly named! So glad you got the battery charged.

    You know you are growing when you can let the shallow disdain of the uppity RVers just roll off your back. Good for you!

    Wishing you warm days ahead and can’t wait to read the rest of your news! πŸ™‚

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