No Regrets

I love the first of the year, the New Year holiday. It’s probably one of my favorites. I always make resolutions but seldom stick to ’em. For me it’s about reflection, time to review the year past and look forward to a brand new year full of surprises and adventures.

This year I have plenty to think about and plenty of time to think on it. We’re currently settled for the day in Salado TX about 2 hours outside San Antonio. Chris started feeling sickly early this morning so we decided it’s better to stay put through the holiday and set out again tomorrow. So while he’s in and out of bed I’ve been reflecting on the past year.

So much has happened. So much has changed. We’ve learned so much about ourselves and each other, about what we want and what we don’t.

This year we put it all out there, took a chance, jumped off the ledge of ‘normal’ and landed in unconventional territory. We’ve traveled nearly 2700 miles in Snowball and her trusty sidekick Big Red. Has the road been easy, carefree?? No. And how boring would it be if it was?? Most people have a misconception that because we’ve had issues here and there that we haven’t enjoyed ourselves, had fun, been happy. So what if there are car problems or water problems…so what if we come across snobs…so what if a job isn’t what we thought, so what if the wind blows and the rain pours…so what!! We’re together, as a family, we’re making money and we’re having a blast!! Everything we’ve seen and done, everyone we’ve met, everything we’ve learned…it’s been worth all the trips to get water, it’s been worth the dead battery, it’s been worth the strange disapproving looks, it’s been worth it all and then some. You see…we did it. We wanted something and we went after it and we did it!! We have no regrets, not a single solitary one. If we had to choose to do it again exactly the same way we would – in a heartbeat!!

Life is a gift and I choose to live it!! That’s my New Years Resolution for 2013. I’m going to take every adventure, opportunity and experience that comes my way, embrace it and celebrate it.

Do what you dare!! Do what you dream of!! Do what’s in your heart!! Do what makes you happy, what makes you smile!! Do what makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside!! Dare to be different, it’s more than OK to be yourself – it’s encouraged!! Be it big (moving to a new city) or small (a funky color nail polish or hair color), if it makes you happy – DO IT!! This is my wish for you in 2013 – Live your happiest life where ever, however with whomever you choose.

It’s your life – LIVE IT WITHOUT REGRETS!!


Thought of the Day:
“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. – Mark Twain”


With Much Love!!

Mrs Madcap


13 thoughts on “No Regrets

  1. If I was ever to get a tattoo, NO REGRETS would be inscribed on a bicep….welcome to TX, ,shame on you for not bringing the sun with ya’…:)

  2. Happy New Years, hope Vhris feels better… You never know how much sometng is till you try it…. Sometimes life throws a curve ball but we all dal with it. Welcome back to Tx. Stay in touch…

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