San Antonio At Last!!

Sorry for the radio silence…it’s been a bit strange around the rig as of late.

We arrived in San Antonio late Tuesday afternoon and settled in a different kind of RV Park. This isn’t so much a campground park as it is a permanent residence type of park. We’re comfortable enough and they don’t mind the looks of Snowball so we’ll being staying put until we round the corner on our next adventure. Shouldn’t be long now till we can let that cat outta the bag!!

Chris is still on the mend from the worst stomach flu I’ve ever witnessed. I must say…it’s quite the experience to share 90 square feet of space with someone so violently ill… We’re just chalking it up to another cherished married moment, one we hope never to repeat. At this point it’s just rest, video games, sleep, bubble water and homemade chicken noodle soup with crackers. We bought some canned soup and oh my how salty!! I can’t remember the last time I had it but I don’t remember it that way!! Homemade is definitely the way to go…as with most things.

We aren’t far from a big beautiful HEB Plus so we’ll be wandering there tomorrow to pick up a few groceries and get out and about in civilization a bit. Nothing to extravagant but after being couped up for 4 months with nothing but a Walmart it’ll be a grand adventure. Today we went out and about a bit and finally had our first Starbucks. It was simply Fabulous!! Even after all that build up and anticipation it didn’t disappoint. It’s the little things folks!!

It’s quite cloudy and damp here which we weren’t expecting. The one little heater isn’t able to keep up so we’ll be getting the extension cord out tomorrow to hook up the 2nd heater since the circuit breaker just can’t handle them both going at once. With us extending our stay at the park for another week we’ll be doing some minor set up to be more comfortable while we’re here. Hopefully Chris will start feeling more like himself and we can go do a little exploring…


With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


10 thoughts on “San Antonio At Last!!

  1. Tough weather indeed for Central Texas and its RV’ers…..we are so done with it, time to bring out that orange glowy thing! Don’t forget marinated beef fajitas and fresh homemade tortillas at Heb+!

  2. Glad you broke the radio silence. I was wondering what was going on with you.

    So sorry to hear about Chris. Hope the stomach flu is gone soon. You’re doing the right thing with chicken soup and saltines. And the warm, purring kitty on his lap is also good medicine. 🙂

    Starbucks and shopping somewhere other than Walmart! Sounds like you are finally back into civilization!

    Looking forward to hearing about the new mystery gig.

    • I knew you would be worried… Thanks Tiny!! Chris is tending to me now… Why is it that married couples feel the need to share absolutely EVERYTHING?? 😉

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