Marathon Shopping Experience

It’s been eight whole months since we’ve been in civilization for any amount of time but San Antonio is huge and busy and way more civilization than we were ready for. No matter the time of day there’s always traffic. Where are people coming from? Where are they going? We finally timidly ventured out, but not too far, to blow the stink off mostly. Being sick is bad enough in the rig but that cooped up feeling is so much worse and it hits a lot faster when there’s not much to do. Anywho, we went to the Kohls cuz Chris is in desperate need of some new clothes, not much in his wardrobe fits right anymore and it’s been forever since I dug through their awesome clearance racks. Chris is extremely picky when it comes to clothes, OK let’s be honest he’s picky about most everything really but clothes especially. Add in the Charlie Cheap Ass factor and shopping with him can be as much entertaining as frustrating. Thank heavens we stayed on the entertaining side of things today but ended up leaving empty-handed. Chris asked when we left the store, “When did Kohls get so Metro Sexual??”. All I could do was belly laugh. I didn’t even know he knew that fashion phrase… I don’t know why he didn’t want the skinny jeans or bright-colored tops with flourescent glitter accents. Maybe we’re not trendy enough for Kohls anymore… I didn’t even venture into the ladies section, I had my hands quite full trying to keep Chris contained in the Mens section. Never a dull moment!! Next we hit the Sally Beauty Store just a few doors down. There are things a lady needs in her aersonal that are nobody’s business…so we’ll leave that be. Next we went to the Whataburger. I went once while on an outing while we were gate guarding and thought it was good. Chris has never tried it before so since we got here it’s be Whataburger this and Whataburger that. Chris ate, I picked and the end verdict from Mr Picky – it’s over rated. Really?!?! What-a-brat!! Doesn’t sound like much of an outing unless you’re still on the mend like me, then it feels like a marathon shopping day.

Now we’re home again…Chris is watching some movies on the laptop and I’m checking the weather again and writing to you before getting my crafting stuff out and getting busy. No point in being bored especially when we’re going to be rained in for a couple of days. Here I was thinking it was just a little rain coming our way, which I hear we need desperately in this area. No biggie right? Oh no!! I swear storm systems follow us, or are they following Snowball?? Not sure but we’re in for a doozy again. Huge thunderstorms with wind and hail possible with accumulations estimated between 3 – 6 inches of water!! Really?? Oh Well…what can we do but hunker down and pray she holds together. Internet here is sketchy to begin with so we’ll see if we have any while it’s storming…not holding my breath.

By the way… Mango Serbert is out of this world super fantabulous!!! Mango anything is my fav right now but ice cream?? Oh Hell Yeah!! Just thought you should know!! πŸ˜‰

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


3 thoughts on “Marathon Shopping Experience

  1. What a day! Too bad Chris couldn’t find anything he liked. Hope he has more luck soon.

    Stay warm, dry and happy. Maybe Texas should thank you for bringing the rain and breaking their drought which is predicted to persist next year!

    Looking forward to your big news. πŸ™‚

  2. No, you followed Flip Flop Vector, notorious harborers of bad weather, to Tx., and, volah, bad weather is upon you! 1 day of sun since Dec 24th, and that was this past Sunday…and Austin has same forecast as SA…

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