This and That

We’re still here, we didn’t float away in the flash flood warnings!! It was quite the rain though. Not the storm we were expecting but a lot of long continuous rain. I just love the sound of rain on the RV…it’s so soothing and relaxing…it’s unlike any other pitter patter of rain I’ve ever heard, probably because of our tin roof but whatever!! 😉 The rains came at the perfect time, it gave us both 2 uninterrupted days to just be and finish getting over our flu bug. I’m happy to report that we’re both back to feeling like our usual fabulous selves!!

So what have we been doing with ourselves? Well, Chris started and finished a PSP game and is now into a new one, along with devouring half a dozen movies on the laptop. I finished my first Nora Roberts trilogy, the Ireland series, a series is the perfect way to be introduced to a new author. I enjoyed it immensely and will be looking for more from her for sure!! I dabbled in some crafts but nothing noteworthy (translation – it didn’t work out like I planned). I cut my hair…just a little trim of the ole bangs nothing serious. But mostly I’ve been trolling on Pinterest and being lazy…I mean resting. 😉

Today was an absolutely gorgeous 63 degree January day in Texas!! We went out to lunch at the bestest chinese buffet we’ve been to in years!! Everything was so fantastic and the service was spot on too. We’ll be stopping back there, frequently!! They even gave us a nifty bamboo calendar as we were leaving and wished us a happy and prosperous New Year. It’s simply called East Buffet, if in San Antonio you should stop at least once!! We had planned on stopping by a few more department stores after lunch but couldn’t figure out how to get from the interstate to the shopping…Grrrr!! These interstate side roads are going to take some getting used to. It was really frustrating cuz I could see where I wanted to go but couldn’t find the road to take me there. Hurumph!! And it was a strip of good discount clothing stores too… I’m still pouting about it a little. We plan on heading out a little earlier tomorrow and getting to them one way or another. I don’t care if we park on the interstate and walk over – we’re going!!

I was so excited to open up the rig when we got back, let in all that fresh air and sunshine. The kids were loving it too but apparently all the outside cats thought it was a lovely day to visit. I’ve never seen so many kitties roaming free like that before. These were little kitties too maybe 10 weeks old. It must have been a large litter cuz I quit counting at 8 but no Momma kitty in sight. Needless to say this riled up my kids a little too much and being the over protective Momma I am I couldn’t leave the door open, too many awful scenarios running through my head. So we opted to kicked the AC on for a bit, you gotta remember that even though it was perfect outside we had the solar heat on the roof all day so it was easily 85 in the rig… Not a complaint at all!! 😀

OH, I nearly forgot… This is for the girls… So when I was at Sally’s the other day one of the items on my ‘need’ list was some sort of nail repair. I had a low tear on one of my nails that was gonna hurt like a Bitch if it snagged so something had to be done! I stumbled across the best nail repair duo ever and probably the cheapest too ($6 total). The name brand is ‘ibd’ and it’s part of their ‘5 second’ line. I got the nail filler powder and brush on nail glue separately. OK, so this is how simple it is to repair a split, tear or nick – simply brush on glue to the damaged area and sprinkle the powder on the wet glue, repeat up to 3 times depending on the amount of damage then buff smooth. This wonderful product dries transparent so you could leave your nails natural or paint any fun way that strikes you’re fancy!! This little gem combo will save me from buckling and getting acrylics put on again – that’s how fabulous it is!! I’ve never had a problem growing my own nails just get irritated at having to cut them all off cuz one has an issue. No need now!! I’m rediscovering my naturally prissy self since hightailing it out of Kansas and loving every minute of it…Chris doesn’t seem to be minding either. 😉

Off to wander around Pinterest some more…too much fabulous stuff not to!!

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap




2 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Sounds like a good day except for trying to figure out the Texas access roads. I have that problem too. I just go around in circles until I get where I want to go. LOL.

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