This Ones for the Girlie Girls

We’ve toodled around San Antonio a bit doing some window shopping here and there but nothing really popped as a have to have addition to either of our wardrobes. What was painfully obvious was that I’ve been out of the fashion world way way too long. Seeing as it’s been 8 months since we exited ‘normal’ society it shouldn’t be all that surprising to me especially since I haven’t watched any TV, read any magazines (destroying them for upcycling really doesn’t count) or been in a town big enough to warrant a mall in that whole time frame. I wouldn’t classified myself as any kind of fashion expert before but I enjoyed keeping my toe in the water of current trends and fashions. It’s obvious where ever you go in San Antonio that this is a very fashion forward fashion conscious area. In every strip mall we’ve encountered on our outings there have been several different kinds of salons/fashion boutiques – in every single one. What I would have done for 1 salon in Coffeyville, just 1 all-purpose salon…

So my limbo time has been spent trolling the internet for the latest trends especially the DIY at home versions. Doesn’t it make more sense to try out a trend at home on the cheap, perhaps upcycling, instead of rushing out to the nearest salon/boutique to pay an arm & leg for something you just want to try to see if it works for you??Y’all know how I’m totally addicted to Pinterest, right?? If there’s a pic of it online you can find it on there and usually with a tutorial of some sort! Since I’ve been growing out my own natural nails painting them has been an obsession. I found hundreds of awesome nail designs on Pin that were super fun and seemed easy enough to do myself on my natural nails. Besides I’ve got the time right?? So after my nail repair the other day I painted ’em up with a pretty pink for our final in person interview but once that was done the need to be so conservative flew out the window. Pulling from some of the simpler designs and tips on Pin I added bright red tips to my existing pink polish with the help of a thick rubber band to guide my lines. They aren’t perfect but I’m absolutely in LOVE with this look!! It’s trendy without being too far out there and it didn’t cost me a single penny to try it, just some time and a bit of patience. I also learned you can use Sharpie markers on your nails to create unique designs, it’s much more cost-effective to use the Sharpies you already have or even purchasing a multi pack instead of a dozen nail polishes to achieve the same effect…

Next up was curling my hair without using heat. I must admit that I’m blessed with naturally curly/wavy hair so achieving curls isn’t difficult for me, what is difficult is styling my hair in our ‘bathroom’ while straddling the toilet. Now there’s a visual for ya!! 😉 So I’ve been hunting for ideas to tap into my natural curl without the iron or a ton of product. I had no idea there were so many different ways of doing this!! My first attempt was to loosely braid my hair in medium size sections while wet and allow to air dry. This technique worked for lovely soft waves but without my natural curl I’d imagine a lot of product would be needed or it would fall out rather quickly. Onto a new method using twists and bobby pins. Instead of braiding the sections I simply twisted my nearly dry hair and then secured the ends with a bobby pin, spritzed with water and a bit of hair spray and allowed to finish drying. This was as easy to do as the braids but the results were completely different and not to my liking at all. My hair takes to curl so easy that the tiny sections created kinky curls and left me looking like a throw back of Tina Turner from the 80s. Umm…NO!! I do think this option can be saved with bigger sections of hair twisted to create looser curls. For gals with longer hair I found a really popular sock bun option that had rave reviews especially for hard to curl hair. Lots of options for curls without any damaging heat or awkward bathroom time out there to try!!

Today’s adventure is going to consist of a DIY face mask and deep hair conditioning from everyday common kitchen ingredients, once again keeping it on the natural cheap side to give something new a whirl. My skin/hairs have been feeling a little mucky after our time in Kansas with all that wind throwing dirt everywhere so a little pampering is definitely in order to get that deep clean feeling back. After looking through a ton of options I’ve finally settled on the ones I’m going to try; for my hairs – 2 egg yolks and 2 T of Olive Oil diluted with 1 Cup of water and for my face – 3 T Honey and 1 teaspoon cinnamon diluted with milk. With all those ingredients it sounds like I’m baking not primping. TeeHee!

Scarves are still all the rage which is fabulous for a curvy girl like me!! They add signature style to any outfit and help to mask/camouflage anything you’d like to hide from the world. Even better!! I found a great tutorial on how to upcycle old T-Shirts into scarves. What better way to use those Amazon T-shirts they gave away by the dozens that neither of us would wear in public?? I smell a project coming on while my hair & face de-muck!!

Well that’s what I’ve been up to. Too bad this internet won’t allow me to upload pics cuz I have some super fun ones… Hopefully soon!!

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


6 thoughts on “This Ones for the Girlie Girls

  1. When I was a kid we used newspaper strips rolled up to curl the hair . And yes , I regularly used to put mayo in my hair to condition it. I put eggs on the face, as well. So I liked your review of natural ways to serve one’s looks!

    • If it works why spend the big bucks on hundreds of different products and supplies on the market?? Just takes a little research and a little more time…which we have plenty of at the moment!! Now if I could just find something to touch up these roots I’d be ecstatic!! 😉

    • It’s been fun experimenting and learning about it. The concept seems to be making a big come back… Makes sense to me to use the active ingredients in those expensive products from the high end department store counter instead… But hey, that’s just little ole me!! 😉

  2. I used to use a stale can of beer to shine condition my hair when I was younger and egg whites on the face for a mask.. Funny when you talk about it, he things we use to do , ,and it was cheap and all natural. Thanks for sharing…
    Keep us posted on what you and Vhris will be doing next. We ate stillin Dilley, till end of monththen vacation time.

    • Looks like the natural home grown beauty treatments are making a strong come back. A sign of the times or us getting back to the realness of it all?? Hard to say…
      Let the countdown begin!! One month?? That’s nothin on a gate. 🙂

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