First Announcement

I think y’all have been waiting long enough… Sorry bout that… I never meant for it to be such a teaser…the process took longer than I was expecting and I wanted to be 100% sure before we let the cat outta the bag. We have 2 big announcements, and no I’m not pregnant and we aren’t joining the circus. Though the latter did cross our minds from time to time…

Our first announcement shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to any of you that have been following for more than 5 minutes – We are officially hanging up our keys. I think I may have mentioned this in one of my recent pity party posts but without further explanation…so here goes.

Y’all know Snowball. She’s isn’t very big in comparison to most of the beasts people choose to fulltime in, she’s a dinosaur at 28 years old, she chugs gas worse than Chris chugs coffee and she has more than her share of ‘issues’. But she is our home and she’s been our home for 8 months now. She’s kinda like that first apartment you had on your own…ours consisted of a horrific flight of stairs straight up with our ‘laundry room’ at the top of the stairs without a door to enclose the machines, downstairs neighbors that loved to play Spanish Polka music all day and night as loud as their little boombox could handle and a pretty rough neighborhood to boot. But it was our first apartment all our own, we picked it…like it or lump it…and we were proud of it regardless. Snowball is so much like that little apartment but at some point you have to move on. Snowball is a slum, as much as I hate to call our home such a thing, it’s true. I have to confess that I have sugar-coated her issues along the way but for a couple of very good reasons – 1. I didn’t want y’all to worry even more than you already do about us. 2. We love y’all but we didn’t want anyone’s pity. Still don’t. So now that my confession is out I can air the honest to goodness truth about the state of poor Snowball.

Oh where oh where to begin… Y’all know there’s NO running water here, everything we do has to be done true tent camping style; fetching every drop of water we use in gallon jugs, manually flushing the toilet, heating water for dishes, no shower facilities etc. I challenge you, just for a day, to think every time you use your precious running water of what you’d have to do differently ifΒ  it wasn’t there. Just for a day…and thenΒ  let me know how it goes. Our next biggest issue is the roof. The previous owners were idiots when drilling holes in the roof for their satellite dish and the lack of sealant used. I mean seriously!! Anywho, I digress. We patched and sealed everything before we took to the road but so much damage had already been done the only way at this point to fix the roof is to completely strip it and start from scratch. We have had up to 6 leaks at once during heavy continuous rains including one that was a waterfall down the bedroom wall with no visible source from inside or out that soaked every piece of clothing I own, our pillows, sheets and mattress. Chris has repeatedly patched and sealed all the known areas that are leaking but the roof is now buckling and the water just pools, seeps and eventually leaks. Our only relief at this point is for Chris to sweep the roof as the rain slacks but depending on the degree of the storm, time of day, mph winds etc that isn’t always an option either. And as anyone that’s ever had a roof leak before knows it inevitably does damage to the floors. Our flooring is no exception as we have more weak spots than solid at this point. We’re assuming the leakage is also playing a part in the ceiling electrical as we have been having switches burn out right and left since the beginning and even some with water or condensation in the covers. After the 3rd round of replacing the switches we gave up and now have 2 working overhead lights and two we manually use by splicing the wires with either a paperclip or bobby pin. And then there are a few other issues like the poor layout, lack of heat, inefficient AC, busted out window, missing awning, lack of storage, lack of adequate electricity, broken door handle, no leveling jacks, then there’s the whole engine thing and so on. Can y’all see how she got her name?? At this point she’s earned it too!!

Conclusion – Snowball needs help, help that we can’t facilitate while living in her. Finding a place to do any repairs or remodeling may prove to be equally as difficult but we’re waiting to see on that one.

The condition of Snowball has led us to the sad but necessary decision to hang up our keys for an undetermined amount of time, though we’re estimating it’ll be years before we have the option of fulltiming again. It took a lot of discussing, researching online and soul-searching to come to this decision. As much as we love this lifestyle and everything it has to offer we need a safe place to live first. We started realizing our original plan to replace Snowball wasn’t going to pan out when I couldn’t fulfill the job stent at Amazon. The only option left was to seek permanent employment for both of us after Chris was done at Amazon. We’ll be announcing the new jobs soon, promise!!

Are you wondering what will happen to the blog?? Me too!! Most everyone that stops by does so because of our mutual fulltiming status or the desire to go fulltime. There could be sporadic blogs on the repairs to Snowball but they’ll be a ways out and fewer and farther between than we’re all used to. I’ve thought about closing the blog down but I don’t want to do anything rash… What do y’all think?? Would you still hang out for recipes, crafting/upcycling projects, crazy cat pictures and general info about what we’re up to even though it may not be such an adventure?? I suppose the other option is to start a new blog… I just don’t know. Leaving the blog just seems so…formal…final…and I’m not sure I’m ready for that.

Announcement 2 coming shortly…

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


18 thoughts on “First Announcement

  1. Please don’t give up the blog. I’d hate to leave touch with you guys. Recipes, crafts, just what’s going on in your life are good things and you are so entertaining with your writing. Even if the updates aren’t as frequent, I’d still look forward to what’s going on in your lives.

  2. You write in a personable, entertaining way, and I don’s see why it should be any different no matter where you live or what you guys do. It will be a new blogging challenge. It is always interesting to read about someone else’s life, perhaps, but you write nicely. So keep going (verbally as opposed to literally), is my take on this situation.

  3. Hello. You two have had a rough time!! We froze up while working at Yellowstone National Park in 2009, no water, etc., and we almost froze too. Then again in 2010 in Tennessee, snow on the ground and no water, etc. Not fun. Glad you have such a good attitude about it. We’re still gate guarding in Texas (near Pearsall) and it’s 46 degrees here now with a cold wind blowing. Burrrrr. We are having repairs done to our RV now by a guy who comes to us, such as roof re-caulking, the dining room slide needs a new floor due to water damage, etc. Honestly, it never stops. Hang in there, Baby!!!!!! Penny

    • Now imagine never EVER having water… I can’t wait to take a private shower and *gasp* soak in the tub… It’s the little things and I don’t think I’ll ever be taking running water for granted again!!
      We’ve got just a few weeks left in Snowball…then back in the creature comforts of all those modern conveniences… YIPPEE!! πŸ˜€

    • Love and Miss You Tons Too!! I can’t imagine not writing the blog now…may just need to play with our title or something. Kofy dates were always so much fun, we miss them too.

  4. Kristi, I originally came here for the RVing news. It was fun to follow along… and I’m really glad I didn’t know how bad it was, although I suspected it when you had to board up your bedroom window.

    I wish you would win the lottery and could buy a really great rig and take off again. But then I wish I could take off full time, too (sometimes) but people still read my blog even when it’s about gardening and wild edibles and other homebound stuff.

    They will read yours, too, because YOU are fun to read… whatever you are doing. πŸ™‚

    • I think everyone suspected from time to time that I was sugar coating things but it had to be done. The way we figure it is that we got to spend 8 months on the road figuring out what we do and don’t want the next time around. Next time we’ll be prepared to make it for the long haul so it’s a win/win for everyone!! We’ll make it and so will you!! And what a party it’ll be when we meet up!!

  5. I to enjoy following your blog, i also think you should keep us posted and looking forward to your crafts and upcycling. Keep up the great attitide you both have… That is half the battle. Much luck on your new jobs…… We are still at our gate…we were lucky enough to have some one rotate with us every 2 months…. Good luck

    • We are looking forward to this new adventure!! It’s new for us and yet comfortable at the same time. The crafting will be in full force before we know it, very exciting stuff!! We consider this ‘trial run’ a great win and one way or the other we’ll be hitting the road again, this time to stay!!

  6. Kristy,
    Definitely keep blogging, if for no other reason than to have a record for yourselves to look back on and remember where you were and what you were doing. Trust me when I say, you’ll be glad you did when you get older.

    There’s always something to write about: feelings, philosophy, hobbies, movies, sightseeing, work, fur-kids, even some creative writing from time to time.

    Writing is good for the soul. It’s obvious you like it. Keep us posted on what’s next and where you land.


    • Susan you are oh so right, as usual!! I tend to be a bit emotional, shocking I know, and the blog is a great way to sort through things and make sense of it all. The timeline to look back on is a great bonus too.
      Off on another adventure we go!! πŸ˜€

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