Breaking News!! Hot Off the Presses!!

So…y’all have had a moment to swallow the first announcement and I’d assume you’re itching to know what are we going to be doing with ourselves now… Am I right?? Well without further ado – Drum roll Please!!!

We are pleased as punch to announce that we are now gainfully employed as a Self Storage Management Couple and will be relocating to the New Orleans area.

So let’s start at the beginning…. While we were still in Kansas, after I left Amazon, I started researching online for our next job options. I do a lot of research, visit the company’s website, check forums, email contacts etc before actually contacting the employer about the opening regardless if it’s a workamping or real job. I didn’t do this before workamping but now it’s a must – these are the big turns in the road of our life and I need to be sure. One of our good friends from gate guarding suggested a site to us, We paid for a years subscription and I’ve been keeping an eye on it ever since. TheΒ Self Storage Management Couple category caught both our attentions immediately. I’ve been watching the ads, the companies that are constantly advertising and the ones that are here and there, the areas where the Couples openings are most prevalent, the different benefit packages offered along with the job duties assigned. After I had thoroughly researched the job itself, the stability of the industry and several potential companies I then set out to create our joint Self Storage resume, not an easy feat mind you!! It’s not easy to combine each of our 2 page resumes along with why we’re so fabulous working as a couple in one neat and tidy package!! The only thing left to do was to make sure our hearts and minds agreed that this was the best decision for our family…that was a hurdle all of its own. As Chris’ time at Amazon grew closer and closer to the end I stalked several websites night and day waiting for the job with the company. The heavens opened and we had our winner, a lovely family owned company that has several business venues one of which just happens to be a good-sized Self Storage company with headquarters in San Antonio. Score!! I sent off several resumes to several different companies hiring for the first of the year but my hope always was for this one. We’ve heard back from nearly all the companies and talked with many of them but none of them compared to our new employers!! We felt like part of their family from the very first phone conversation, just like we were looking for!!

Why a Self Storage Management Couple job you may be asking… I know it may seem a little…out there… Well, first things first we knew we wanted to continue to work together. After spending all this time together, honestly as corny as it may sound, we’d miss each other too much if we had to be apart for 8-10 hours a day 5 days a week. So a couples job was our goal. There are several perks that come with this and most other couple jobs that really appealed to us. Top of the list was the apartment and utilities provided as part of the benefit package. For us to transition back to ‘normal’ life this takes care of a huge burden. We don’t have to hunt for an apartment, not knowing the area, and lock ourselves into a lease or have to try to explain to a landlord what we’ve been doing the last 8 months – nightmare!! Not having to come up with a security deposit or cat deposit is a huge help too!! The bonus that every apartment comes fully furnished with all appliances, including a washer/dryer and dishwasher is another huge help in the transition!! OMG!! A dishwasher – that’s not one of us!! All of that plus the job comes with a monthly salary, monthly bonus, health insurance, 401K, vacation/holiday pay, gas allowance, COSTCO membership, clothing allowance and a set schedule with 2 days off consecutively, in essence it’s a real job with a great company for as long as we want it.

At first while having the hard discussion of having to hang up the keys I was so afraid that I’d feel smothered, suffocated by an apartment and staying in one location. I think being in such an exciting city is going to help with that a lot along with meeting new people all the time at work. But as much as I hate to admit it the stability of knowing this job is ours, the apartment is ours, for as long as we want it is very comforting. There are a lot of things we’ll be able to do again that we haven’t really had the option to do in Snowball. Besides the obvious additional room and modern conveniences I’ll also be able to cook again, have the room to craft and make jewelry, we’ll have stable internet, for good gravy we’ll have TV again and Chris is really looking forward to setting up his electronics and actually being able to play video again. It’ll be a challenge at first to furnish an apartment seeing as we have a mattress, two office chairs and a big folding table to constitute our total furniture inventory but with the help of craigslist, thrift stores and garage sales I’m confident that we’ll have a lovely comfortable upcycled apartment before we know it.

So there ya have it…our big news that we’ve been working on for months. It’s finally official and real!! We’ll be taking Snowball on one last adventure to New Orleans in about a week and then the stick n bricks adventure is off and running!!

We’re hoping you’ll come along for the ride…it’s a different sort of adventure but an adventure nonetheless!!

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


18 thoughts on “Breaking News!! Hot Off the Presses!!

  1. Hi Kristy. Keep the blog. You two are such an unconventional, fun couple that it will be entertaining just to check in and see what you’re up to. And years down the road, you’ll be delighted to have this as a photo journal of your lives. All the best to you. πŸ™‚

    • We’re so tickled we still qualify for the unconventional couple category!! You made my whole day!! We’ll be around, getting into something. Cya there!! πŸ˜‰

  2. Congratulations! That is wonderful news. You MUST keep us posted on how life is working for a storage company.

    We plan to visit New Orleans in early March or so. Do you think you’ll be there full time by then?

  3. Having had a good friend who did this , take your time furnishing your apt you will be amazed at what people move off and leave behind in units Good luck on your new adventure

  4. You better keep writing Kitty! N.O. is a great town full of amazing food, Jazz festivals all year long, the scenery, the people, everything is great! I can’t wait to hear all about everything you get to experience even if it’s in stix n bricks… it’ll be fun to see how you decorate and the yummy cuisines you’ll be making again! I love you and am so very excited for all of you! Much love Kiki

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