Playing in San Antonio

We had a glorious day exploring San Antonio last Sunday. Finally!! After nearly 2 weeks of interviews, waiting on pins and needles, the stomach flu – we were way overdue to get out and see some of the huge city before we move on to our new home base of New Orleans. To say I was excited would be a huge understatement!! Of course I wanted to do and see it all in one day but that’s utterly impossible.

It was such a beautiful day for an adventure!! I still can’t wrap my head around low 70s and sunshine in the middle of January!! The Sunday foot traffic was much lighter too. We wouldn’t have been able to enjoy ourselves nearly as much if we were in a huge crowd of people who I’m sure encompassed the attractions Friday and Saturday. Thinner crowds meant we were easy to spot tourists with my sundress and Chris’ hawaiin shirt though we didn’t mind at all. I love playing tourist, just don’t expect me to be wearing one of those horrendous fanny packs anytime – Ever!! We had the map in one hand and the camera in the other with grins plastered across our faces from ear to ear.

100_1340Today’s adventure took us down memory lane, you see Chris was here almost exactly 15 years ago when he graduated basic training in the Air Force. To me, back then, San Antonio might as well have been the other side of the world. I’d have given anything to see him graduate and be with him there – here. We’re here together now and it feels like a full circle of sorts but I couldn’t help but wonder what it was like for him then. After all these years of hearing the stories to now seeing the actual places he went, being able to visualize what he did, remembering the couple we were then and seeing us as the couple we are now… San Antonio is a part of our history only this time we get to experience it together, as it should be!

100_1337With Chris as tour guide we made our way to the Riverwalk and strolled like love struck lovers hand in hand taking in the beauty of the landscape. I must confess that people-watching has always been a hobby of mine and there was plenty to observe here. We saw would be lovers wooing, homeless men chatting and telling dirty jokes, young families out enjoying each other and teenagers wanting their electronic gizmos more than the precious family time being forced upon them, little people with ice cream dripping off their noses, toddlers feeding the ducks for the first time with such amazement, an old man feeding the pigeons sunflower seeds out of the palm of his hand, serious marathon runners striving to be better, lots of young people done up in the latest fashion trends, and a small spattering of Smurfs (new graduates still in their dress blues) enjoying the last moments of their free time before heading back to base to begin their careers of serving and protecting us. While people-watching I always wonder what their story is. We each have a unique story, where we come from, what we’ve seen and experienced that makes us who we are today. What’s there story??

100_1344From the Riverwalk we walked downtown through the Main Square where the Catholic Cathedral sits in all her glory. It’s an absolutely stunning church with an old world feel. As we took our pictures I couldn’t help but notice as the Mexican people passed in front of the church they would make the sign of the cross very respectfully. The Mexican culture is known for its strong roots in the Catholic Church. In the Main Square we found a plaque outlining how the city of San Antonio was originally designed around the Catholic Cathedral as the center point with the Main Square directly across for the daily socializing of the people with the market close by. It was only after the motorized car was introduced and the umpteen highways and byways were added that the focus was removed from this once iconic central landmark.

100_1349Next we visited the Market Place which reminded us a lot of the flea market style booths we enjoyed so much in Cancun Mexico. A lot of the same merchandise was available in all the bright fabulous colors. It was a lot of fun to stroll around, look and play with all the toys. We wandered our way into the Farmers Market section hoping to find some fresh fruits and veges and instead we walked into a live dance show.  We just missed the young girls in their dresses every color of the rainbow with their hair up in a halo of sorts. We were able to enjoy the end of the show with the young ladies all in white dancing while balancing lit candles on their heads and a few smaller numbers with gentlemen accompanying the ladies. It was a nice unexpected treat!!

We headed back downtown to check out the huge mall. Neither of us has set foot in a mall since we started our adventure and I wanted to see it all. But with all our earlier site seeing and with the size of this mall it was simply impossible. I believe there were 4 full floors including an IMAX and regular theater, a dinosaur exhibit, a comedy club, full restaurants and a huge food court (were I had my very first mango Julius EVER) – this place seemed to go on and on!! Chris said we may have done 1/3 of it before I pooped out and we started heading for the parking garage.

100_1354We found this amazing sculpture while making our way back to the car… I know there was so much we didn’t get to experience in this huge city but we thoroughly enjoyed what we did get to see!! We won’t be missing the maze of highways, loops, interstates etc though. San Antonio is NOT an easy city to get around in!!





As my final post of Texas it’s only fitting to leave you with pics of the last sunset I was able to capture at the campground…I’m going to miss these!!

100_1323 100_1325

Next up… Our drive from San Antonio to New Orleans – Snowballs last ride!!

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


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