Checking Out Our New HOME!!

We couldn’t wait to go see our property and apartment once we settled the kids in the RV. Within an hour of landing we were back in the car to head over to the Westbank to see for ourselves our new home in Gretna. It was such a gorgeous sunny day we dropped the top before heading out. Topless in January?? Could it get any better??

According to GPWes we had about a half hour to get there but once we made our turn to go over the bridge it turned into a lot longer. With only one way to cross the great Mississippi River you can imagine how the traffic backs up as soon as anything is going on. I wanted to get there to finally see everything so my patience for the unexpected traffic Saturday afternoon was very low. We did take advantage of the slow crawl to take some pics. We went 100_1356right past the SuperDome where the Super Bowl will be in a week. Lord help us!! We’ll be hunkered down where ever we end up and hiding through the whole ordeal…so just not our thing!!

Next we saw a huge old cathedral church, well at least that’s what we think it was… 😉

100_1357 100_1358


The Bridge was enormous and quite grand, no pics of that – yet. We could see off in the distance what looked like a Cruise Ship docked but at that point the traffic had started moving again – Hallelujah!!

With only one wrong turn by yours truly we arrived at our Storage Property which just so happens to be directly next door to a Starbucks…oh so dangerous!! We had a lovely chat with the Manager that has been taking care of the property since the last Managers left quite abruptly. He was a wealth of knowledge and we were finally able to put everything we’ve been told together with what it is, standing in our new space. We both feel like we have landed ourselves the bestest jobie job in the whole wide world!!

Now for the apartment… OMG!! It is so amazingly perfect I can hardly believe it!! It isn’t a whole lot of square footage but the layout is amazing. They are in the process of redoing absolutely everything in the apartment thus the delay in us being able to move in but it’s going to be so worth the little wait!! The biggest delay is due to the tile work they decided to do. By tile work, I mean they are tiling the whole floor – every square inch of it. And the custom tile work they’re doing in the bathroom is beyond words and something you’re just going to have to see to believe!! The kitchen has also been completely redone with brand new cabinets, counter tops and all new appliances. After all this time doing without even the basic of basics I can’t believe we get to live here… Our gratitude for the whole situation, the great new job, the amazing apartment, the friendly people we get to work with…we’re just overwhelmed with our good fortune and thankful beyond words.

Tomorrow is our first day of training so today will be spent doing some chores to get ready, a little laundry and grocery shopping is definitely in order!! I’m also going to start reworking the blog since we have great internet here which makes it possible…try uploading pictures or new themes with a dial-up speed internet – so not going to happen and incredibly frustrating to try. Please bear with me as I fumble my way to the new and improved blog…  😀

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


9 thoughts on “Checking Out Our New HOME!!

  1. I am so happy for you, I could just burst. I am amazed at how, no matter what happens, you always end up coming out WAY on top!!!

    Can’t wait to see pictures of your new home!!!!

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