Move-In Day

We’ve been busy little bees this week with training and not much else. Our commute from the KOA to our Mini is a solid hour, that’s before any wrong turns or missed exists – which there have been plenty of!! πŸ˜‰ Now that I finally feel like I’ve got a handle on the route – it’s time to move. Ain’t that just the way it goes!! It’ll come in handy at some point though I’m sure.

In perfect harmony the apartment received the seal of approval yesterday to be moved into and today is our move out day for the KOA. With this weekend being the Super Bowl here in New Orleans there isn’t a hotel room or campground available for fifty miles creating quite the deliema for us. The contractors knew of our predicament and really busted butt to get it ready for today. They are a great group of guys and we’ll get to work with them periodically as the property needs attention.

As for the apartment – it is so much more than we ever could have dreamed of!! The tile work is extensive and quite gorgeous. The 2 bedrooms were carpeted but the remainder of the floor is a beautiful creamy tile. They continued the tile theme throughout the kitchen with a custom design tile back-splash and the one of a kind shower and tile in the bathroom y’all are just going to have to see to believe!! There are a few details to be completed today and a few new fixtures to be added in the near future at the request of the home office. We’re both so impressed with how thorough the contractors and the home office has been with the little details that really make it special – just for us!! I’ll take some pics tonight after we get what little we have moved in. Hopefully my temporary net will be strong enough to upload the pics for you.

We made the commute last night knowing it would be our last trek back. It was a little weird going to sleep knowing it’d be the very last time we’d sleep in Snowball’s closet of a bedroom… The same now. Sitting with my coffee, writing to you, knowing this is the last time I’ll do this in the RV. But at the same moment I’m so stinkin excited to move in… We’ve been looking forward to today for a month now especially since we got our first glimpse of the apartment nearly a week ago. I’m trying to keep in the mindset of –

Don’t be sad because it ended, be happy because it happened. ~~ Dr Suess

We have no regrets of our time and experiences in Snowball. We wanted something and we went for it – We Did It!! We wouldn’t change a thing!! But it’s time now for a new chapter and we’re going to embrace it and emerge ourselves in it just like we did full-timing. This adventure is going to be challenging in different ways but very rewarding. Who knows, maybe our adventure in Snowball was meant to lead us to this very point in time. Maybe this is exactly where we should be… Only time will tell but we’re ready for another great adventure in this great city!!

Snowball can’t stay at the Mini with us so we’re facing the big decision of what to do with her… Without the space to do any work to her we need to sell her as is to someone. She is repairable and worth fixing up, we just have to find the person with the skills and time to work on her – to see her potential like we do… Another challenge to tackle but nothing we can’t make happen!!

As for our furniture, or lack there of, situation…. Thank you for all your concern. It’s true, we don’t have much especially with our storage unit in Illinois out of reach with the little belongings we have left. We do have the bare basics though that will allow us to function until we can acquire new to us pieces to make the apartment our new home. There are a lot of Thrift Stores around here that we’ll be checking out for furniture very soon. I can already smell the fabulous upcycling projects in my future!!

Well my friends, I’m off to get this show on the road…

With Much Love



11 thoughts on “Move-In Day

  1. WAHOO…love the new look of your blog. Anxious for pictures…you’ll have so much thrift shopping and setting up the new pad! So happy for you two….have an awesome Super Bowl Sunday!

  2. Don’t forget about craigslist. Except on craigslist you need to be very fast as things sell mighty quick if they’re in good shape. Also garage sales, darling. Have fun! Can’t wait for all your updates.

    • Oh No!! We’ve been scouring Craigslist since before we actually got here… How we’re going to get it to the apartment, now that’s another story. A smell a truck rental in our future!! πŸ˜‰

  3. Regarding not having anything in the apartment: It is great to be able to start fresh, a new vision. When you have lived someplace, your stuff takes over, and what you get has to go with what you have. Now it is a blank slate, exciting!!Hug, Yolanda

  4. Can’t want to see pics of the new place. I hope everything continues as great as it’s starting for you and Chris in the Big Easy!

  5. So much is happening so fast! I am thrilled for your new future, and am delighted at how fast they got the apartment ready for you. But I have to admit. I will really miss hearing about Snowball. But I also believe you wouldn’t be where you are now if it weren’t for her. Wishing her a happy future with an owner who can do a good job restoring her! πŸ™‚

    • This is the most bi-polar experience. We’re thrilled with the new apartment and the great new job but in the same breath it’s so sad to be emptying Snowball and getting her ready to be sold. It’s going to just take time to sort through it all emotionally, for me at least.

  6. You actually make this whole sticks n bricks thing tempting….but only YOUR situation!! I envy you in a way and can’t wait to see pics and hear every new adventure. You’re amazing and this is exactly where you’re supposed to be. Congrats my lovies!

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