Move-In Part 2

We finally had time to unload Snowball into the new apartment. Working 6 days a week sure doesn’t leave a lot of time for moving in and settling…it’s going to take a little longer than we were anticipating to get it all done but we’re making progress!!

We finished getting all our things into the apartment besides the ‘garage’ type stuff and all our camping gear. I don’t think either of us really realized everything we had stashed in Snowball until it was time to haul it in. But then again, I live with a master packer so we should have known better. I also should have known to take all the pics y’all have been waiting for before we brought our stuff in… Now it’s a total disaster while we try to figure out what goes where and running every piece of cloth we own through the washer and every dish we own through the dishwasher. So, sorry yet again but I have no pics… 😦

Our contractors and new friends Ben and his son Rob left us the nicest welcome basket filled with all the Cajun favorites of New Orleans.

Welcome to New Orleans Basket

And even amongst all the chaos of the move in I was able to go to the grocery and then come home and cook on my stove. That might seem like a “So What??” statement to some but I have a stove, with 4 beautiful burners, that actually heat up when I turn them on and cook food. We have had enough fast food and eating out for a lifetime it feels like. All we wanted was a homemade Chicken Salad with all the trimmings. Nothing super fancy but OMG good!! Can you tell which is mine and which is the Man’s?? Too funny!!


In a day or so when my kitchen is full functional and clean I’ll be making us a big ole batch of homemade salsa and guacamole to go with our enchiladas. I have been telling Chris I’d make him whatever he wanted once the kitchen was set and he didn’t hesitate in requesting a little Mexican sampler.

The kids are calming down nicely though it did take a little while. After the drive over the kids hung out in the rig all day while we worked. The weather was perfect for it and we figured they’d be less freaked out in the rig than completely alone in the empty apartment all day. Once we closed the office we brought the kids and our essentials in for the night. The girls were scared and desperately tried to find a good hiding spot but it’s hard to hide in an empty apartment… Dickie howled and cried walking from room to room echoing horribly. They had all day yesterday to kinda check it out while we were working and are much better today now that all our stuff is in here too. They are being very funny about it all…wanting to be in whatever room we’re in or at least be able to see us and if they can’t the crying starts almost as if they’re lost. Crazy ass kids!!

Well it’s back to work for us tomorrow. We have another full week of training to complete before we’re going to be let loose to do this on our own… Kinda exciting and scary at the same time.

Let me know what y’all think of the look of the blog… I’m still working on a few details here and there as internet access and time allows but the major face life is complete. πŸ˜€

With Much Love



7 thoughts on “Move-In Part 2

  1. Isn’t it great to feel so welcome!

    I can imagine how awesome it must be to have a working kitchen again. Even after cooking on our two little 5000 BTU burners in our camper and on our camp stove, it feels wonderful to have a big stove, oven, microwave, double sinks, huge refrigerator and plenty of counter space when we get home. I’m loving seeing you enjoy yours!

    It’s cute to hear how the kids are adjusting, too. πŸ™‚

  2. I love the new blog, I think it’s great you gave it a face lift. How nice to have some LA treats, that’s awesome. I can’t wait to see and hear all about everything, as usual. I love you guys!!

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