I know I know… We’ve been in the apartment nearly a week now… But, in my defense, every dish, piece of silverware, cup etc had to be either run through the magical dishwasher or hand washed and then there was the clothes…absolutely every piece of cloth coming into the apartment had to be run through the beautiful wonderful fabulous washer and dryer. It all takes time but it was so worth it!!

Here we go!! Your virtual tour!!






This is our living room. The door you see is the ‘front’ door normally but for us it’s the door that connects us to the office of the Mini. It’s a really good size open space. There is no dining room so if we wanted a traditional table it’d have to go in here with the couch and such.

100_1393 100_1394






This is our 2nd bedroom that’ll be used for our office/crafting room. We have the folding table set up with some of our electronics already to watch our archived TV shows and movies and of course our laptops. Since we’re usually in here so are the kids.  😀







And this is our Master bedroom and the hall closet we’re using as a dresser for the moment. I thought it was very clever…even if it is a little unpractical. 🙂

100_1386 100_1391






Our beautiful new bathroom!! That shower is like a spa treatment and I’m lucky enough to get to use it every day!! I just love the tile work. Today the custom glass door and side wall will be installed to complete the look. So yes, more pics to follow. 🙂

100_1401 100_1400

100_1402 100_1403









Last but certainly not least – my new kitchen!!! And Laundry Room too I suppose. I was a little leery when I heard the washer/dryer was going to be open in the kitchen but I really like it. It’s very convenient to have everything in one place. The last tick on the list of completing the apartment is the custom shelf that is being built for the microwave to sit in. That’ll be installed over the washer to free up that counter top next to the stove. Our back door there is our door outside behind the gate.

So that’s it y’all…that’s our super fantabulous new apartment. Still have a load or so of dishes to do to get everything spic and span but for the most part we’re moved in and settling nicely.

With Much Love



12 thoughts on “Pictures…Finally!!

    • Thank you!! The remodel on the apartment is really amazing. It’s more than either of us could have imagined. And the best part…rent is FREE!!! Talk about a double triple bonus!! 🙂

  1. WOW, Kristy!!!!!!! It looks so clean and spacious. It is beautiful on its own, but compared to Snowball, it must be heaven on earth!!!

    Isn’t it wonderful to have hot running water, long hot showers every night, a dishwasher, washer and dryer, beautiful rooms to spread out in — plus a great new job for you and hubby!!!

    I am so happy for you!

    • It’s not so clean but thanks… Snowball vs Apartment – not much of a competition there. We’re starting to feel at home..may take a little bit but we’ll get there!!

  2. NICE SHOWER!!!! You have the perfect “triangle” in the kitchen allowing the ease of multi-tasking that’s for sure! Now don’t get lost in all that space….it has to feel truly wonderful! No rush hour commute for yo :O)

  3. You have the best of all worlds…a nice, new, large (for you after Snowball) “home,” no commute except through a door, a wonderful kitchen with washer and dryer and room to do your crafts. Plus, you’re in an interesting city just waiting to be explored in every nook and cranny.

    I hope you love the washer and dryer in the kitchen as much as I did back when I had an apartment years ago. It is so convenient. You can be cooking and doing laundry at the same time. Multi-tasking. LOL. Seriously, though, it is a really nice set up.

    How many days/hours per week do you work? Do you have back-ups who work when you’re off? Tell us more about the work. Is it busy?

    Inquiring minds want to know.


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