New Job Duties

Now that we’ve been doing our new gig for a couple of weeks and are getting comfortable with what in the world this thing is all about I can fill y’all in. πŸ™‚ Starting at the end of the month made it quite the whirlwind of a start but things are calming down a bit now, thank heavens!!

So we live and work at a Self Storage Property, for simplicity sake we’ll just call it our Mini. The best comparison I can come up with is an old-fashioned corner store where Ma & Pa ran every aspect of the store; swept the aisles, balanced the books, collected on the different accounts and personally helped each and every customer that came through the door. Well, we’re now Ma & Pa Kettle. We open the store or as we call it the property every morning, we take payments over the phone and in person, we show units to perspective new tenants, we write-up new leases, we call on overdue accounts, we do bank runs, post office runs and weekly supply runs, we balance our books and drawer at the end of everyday, we print off numerous reports for us and the Home Office on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, we do all of the cleaning on the property and daily security checks of the units. We also have an auction every month to sell off the unpaid units, which is a beast all of itself. And NO we will not be on TV – Ever!! TeeHee. Oh yeah, and we do marketing a couple of times a month to promote the Mini and get more tenants.

I know it sounds like a lot and it is but it isn’t… When you lump it all together it sounds a bit overwhelming but just like the old-fashioned corner store – we work together. There is a lot of clean up to do both of the property and the books from the old Managers but we’ll get everything back on track within the month I’m sure. And just like anything else – once you clean up the initial mess all you have to worry about is maintaining after that!!

For the first few months we’ll be running the store on our own which means working open to close 6 days a week. It’s not as bad as it sounds cuz we both don’t need to be in the office all the time, we’re able to trade-off. Probably around May we’ll start to look for an Assistant Manager to work a little each week to give us our 2nd day off and fill in while we’re out Marketing and help out with the monthly auctions. We love the fact that we hire and train our assistant. But until then we’re on our own to get things cleaned up and all figured out.

As for the pay and benefits… We have a base pay, for the both of us, and then a bonus program based on how well the store is doing. The base pay for the current month and the bonus from the previous month are deposited the last day of every month. The once a month paycheck will be something to get used to since we’ve never been on a monthly budget but once we get through February it should start to flow smoothly. Our health insurance will become effective after 3 months and 401K and vacation time after 1 year of employment. Those type of benefits are pretty standard of any jobie job but the best benefit of this whole gig is the apartment. We paid $1 for our yearly rent & utilities our first day of work. Next January we’ll pay another $1 for next years rent and so on and so on. I did a little research on the price of apartments/rental homes in our area and the rent alone runs about $750/mo for an apartment, not including the utilities, and none of the apartments came fully furnished with all appliances or completely remodeled like ours either. Best benefit – EVER!!Β  πŸ˜€

We really like the job, it has enough to keep us busy but not too much where we’ll be working all the time. I can already see all the time I’ll have to craft and of course Mr will be back to playing video games before we know it… This city has so much to explore and lots of adventures to be had!! It’s a great mix for us and we’re looking forward to all of it!!

With Much Love




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