Food Galore!!

So, I’ve been cooking up a storm!! It’s hard to contain my excitement with all these appliances that work!! It’s a far cry from hauling all our water in gallon jugs and cooking one skillet meals on a hot plate to this fully functional, spacious, modern kitchen!!

First of all, I have a faucet that actually produces water…but it also has hot water…and when I put the pot of hot water on the stove it actually boils – within minutes!! And then there’s the whole multiple burner bonus. I can boil water on one burner and then cook the meat or whatever on a different burner…at the same time!! And then…it’s almost too much…I have an oven too!! An oven that I can bake things in!! While I’m cooking on the stove if the mood strikes me… I may need to take a deep breath…hyperventilating… Then there’s this fabulous contraption called the dishwasher, it’s a machine to wash the dishes for me while I do something else, anything else, and it’ll even dry them for me too if I tell it too. My sink is extra deep with a fancy new device called the garbage disposal. With all these wonderful cooking utensils – how could I not cook???

I made Chris his requested enchiladas with homemade salsa. I’ve also made a Shepard’s Pie, Spaghetti Bake and tonight a Taco Casserole. Chris has made us a big breakfast 2 mornings before work too. Breakfast has always been his specialty and just like me he has been itching to play with the stove to make something fabulous that we haven’t had in forever!! You can probably see a theme here…everything I’ve been cooking has to go in the oven. Why?? Because I can!! πŸ˜€ Once we get our fill of some of our favorites I’ll start learning a few new recipes from this area. After seeing all the seafood at the grocery and the fantastic prices on it I’ll definitely be learning how to clean some shrimp and we’ll be having us a crawfish boil before y’all know it!!

It’s probably blasphemy but we’re having homemade Chinese food tomorrow for Fat Tuesday. The day this city has been celebrating for 2 weeks now and it’s finally here…and we’re staying in for a nice quiet day off with a little King Cake and Chinese Pork fried rice and Pork lo mein. Don’t tell the locals!! But we did have to try one of the these King Cakes that are everywhere. We bought a regular one since we didn’t know what it was to begin with but they are available in nearly every flavor you can imagine from Strawberry & Apple to Pineapple and Pecan to Cream Cheese & Bavarian Cream. The best description I have for the regular is a huge cinnamon roll with icing and sprinkles. But don’t forget the baby!! Tradition says that whoever finds the baby in the cake is responsible for bringing the King Cake to the party next year. The baby wasn’t hard to find in ours… And of course Chris had to have a little fun with it… πŸ˜‰

100_1416 100_1417 100_1418

I’ll be back in the kitchen tomorrow making a new recipe I found on Pinterest for baked oatmeal, maybe some granola too while I’m at it and then of course Chinese!!

Hope you enjoy your Fat Tuesday too!!

With Much Love



4 thoughts on “Food Galore!!

  1. What fun to see you delirious with happiness over your kitchen! And I do understand!

    You don’t know how many times I have thanked God for hot running water as I’m standing under a steaming shower.

    We take so much for granted, and only when we are without our normal conveniences for a while do we realize what a marvel they are!

    I’m so happy for you!

    • Oh Tiny…don’t get me started about the fabulousness of being able to just step into a hot shower whenever I want!! The privacy…the simplicity…the familiarity… Just another blessing that I’ll never take for granted again so long as I live!!

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