Today was a nice relaxing day off. We enjoyed Mardi Gras at home…very quiet and low-key. We needed the extra day off to get a bit caught up actually. This 6 day work week makes certain chores – chores that we aren’t really accustomed to doing on a regular basis anymore to be quite honest – rather difficult.

A new trainer is coming tomorrow since our first trainer had to leave a bit early due to a family emergency. He’ll be staying for a few days and will want to tour the new updated and absolutely fabulous apartment so cleaning was at the top of our “To Do” list for the day. Not that there is a lot to get dirty or that there has been any real-time for anything to get dirty but…you know…first impressions and all. Our new tile floor is quite lovely but it’s also extremely large!! Especially without any furniture… I’ve been sweeping an area about the size of my new bathroom all this time only now to have graduated to tile nearly throughout the apartment. Never mind the tufts that are still coming up from the new carpet…my little RV vacuum is holding her own but just barely. And of course in the middle of tidying the kitchen wouldn’t ya know it I ran out of dishwasher soap!! I told y’all that I’d been doing a lot of dishes!! πŸ˜‰ So then it’s off to the store with us… See what I mean… These are all normal chores for anyone living in a sticks & bricks, things I used to do on a regular basis without even thinking about it. But now, after the blessed simplicity of it all over the last 8 months, I feel like I have to relearn how to be housewify extraordinaire all over again. Everything is a give and take, cause and effect, there’s no escaping it.

After the cleaning was tackled it was on to the other chores that just seem to pile up. Such as poor Mr’s haircut. I think he’s been asking for one since before we left Kansas and here it is a good 6 weeks later and we finally were able to find his neck and ears again. I think he really would have started using my headbands if I hadn’t of shaved him up today. The humidity here is like nothing we’ve ever experienced. Seeing as it’s only the middle of February I think we’re in big trouble come this summer!! The tile has already been ‘sweating’. Not a good sign at all!!

I did get some craft supplies while we were out to start some new wall hangings for the apartment. The echo is so bad without anything on the walls or furniture. The furniture is going to have to wait until the first of the month but in the meantime I should be able to whip something up for some of these walls!! And with a completely blank slate I have complete creative license to create anything that fancies me!! Doesn’t get much better than that folks!!

I’ve had a lot of inquiries on how the kids are doing with the move. They’re adjusting nicely, the girls more so than the old man though. He isn’t comfortable out in the open yet. He hides under the table in the spare room most of the time and sporadically while we’re working he’ll wander out and hollar and cry. He still isn’t letting us sleep through the night even though he isn’t really sleeping with us. I’m surprised he’s the one having issues but I suppose at some point I’m going to have to admit that he’s an old man and maybe not up for the moving and shaking lifestyle we’ve had especially over the last couple years. We have found a couple very close veterinary clinics to take him too if he doesn’t calm down as it starts to look and feel like a real home. I’m sure he’ll come around and it won’t come to that though. In the meantime, here’s a couple of pics of my crazy girls.

100_1385 100_1405

With Much Love



7 thoughts on “Ugghhh…Chores

    • No the trainer doesn’t stay with us, there is a company apartment on the Eastbank that he’ll stay at. Just tidying up for the walk through of the renovations. πŸ˜€
      Love ya!!

  1. The fur-kids are adorable. I hope the old man comes around soon. Some kittehs just take longer than others. Once he knows his food is always there, I don’t think you’ll have too many problems.

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