Snowball’s Future

As I had feared…we’re boring again… All work and no play = Nothing to really write about. I warned y’all…

It’s been another crazy week at the Mini. Our trainer flew home early this morning after spending a few days here with us. We learned a bunch but we’re ready to be on our own again. Sometimes you just have to feel it out on your own and learn it thata way. He left us with a good-sized “To Do” list to get the property back in tip top shape. Nothing a little elbow grease, sweat and organizing can’t fix!! We’re more comfortable now that we know exactly what the big wigs want – everyone’s on the same page!! One more day of work then we have a day off. WooHoo!!

It’s time to finish getting Snowball cleared out and cleaned up. We need to have her off the property by the 1st of March so it’s time to get our butts in gear!! We don’t want to put out more money to store her…it’s just throwing good money after bad at this point. That money is better spent on some plexiglass to fix the window and good cleaning supplies. We got a good lead for selling her and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. At this point Snowball = Furniture. It may sound cold but it is what it is. So today Chris will finish getting her unloaded and we’ll air her out a bit and then I’ll tackle the cleaning of her tomorrow. It’s not a small project by any means but by our powers combined we’ll get her show worthy by the end of the weekend.

Surprisingly I’m not sad or upset about selling her… She served her purpose for us and now it’s time for someone else to use her for their purposes whether it’s a handyman or a hunter. The time we’ve had to just leave it all be while we adjusted to our new lifestyle really allowed me to process the whole change and accept it. I’m at peace with our decision and ready to let her go.

Apartment update… Not much to report. Still no furniture or wall hangings or really anything. The contractor did come to install our shower doors though. They really pull the whole bathroom together nicely. But the glass is very clear…there ain’t nothin left to the imagination with this shower… It’s a good thing we like a good nakie show!! 😉 Now I just have to decide on my color pallet. 😀 Turquoise??


With Much Love



2 thoughts on “Snowball’s Future

  1. I’m surprised. I thought I would be sad to see Snowball go, but I’m not. She served her purpose in your lives… and her buying you new furniture sounds like a happy ending to me! 🙂

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