Free Furniture?? Really??

Have I mentioned lately that we have the coolest job ever?? If not… WE DO!! 😀

We’d heard not to worry so much about furnishing the apartment because of all the good stuff that people abandon in their units or offer to the managers. I thought, Yeah Right…people aren’t just going to give away stuff they had been paying to store… But they sure do!! In the last week we’ve had a couple different people offer us a large mirror, 2 bar stools and a beautiful huge old and very heavy dresser with matching mirror. My itch to upcycle is in overdrive!! We of course graciously accepted all of the above and are storing them in our storage unit awaiting materials to upcycle every last piece.

I told Chris I had this crazy idea…go figure…on how to furnish our new home. He gave me ‘the look’. I want to do very colorful fun pieces throughout. I miss not having color on the walls and I do love me some color so the natural alternative in my mind was to have bright colors everywhere else. To my amazement he easily agreed!! So, not only do we have the bestest job but I have the bestest hubby EVER!!

I’d say our homes in the past have been very traditional, very matchy matchy. Not this time!! We have a blank canvas. The good fortune of starting over fresh – a clean slate. And this time the theme is FUN!! We met a man last week that said “Live as if everyday is a holiday”. Celebrating life, embracing this change – that’s the name of the game!!

The mirror will be a big magazine art project for me. The bar stools will be sanded and painted and used as plant stands. I have several ideas for the dresser and that project will take a little longer and a little more creativity but I’m excited to jump in!! I’ve nearly finished my first big upcycle wall hanging with several other ideas just waiting for a little time to get going on em. But with us officially off our training schedule now and on our ‘normal’ schedule of part-time the time issue should easily remedy itself!!

Our furniture plans have drastically changed with this new insight. We’ll be purchasing a few pieces and waiting for the right additional pieces to show themselves now. We found a lovely furniture store just down the road that has the sectional we’ll buy but it seems like such a waste to buy a $300 TV Stand when I can upcycle a long dresser into a TV Stand for 1/10 of the cost. Just need to find some more thrift stores and/or people to deliver off craigslist. Patience is the name of the game!!

Off to start the next wall hanging… I’ll definitely be taking before and after pics of every projects so y’all can see everything!!

With Much Love



3 thoughts on “Free Furniture?? Really??

  1. How exciting. I love upcycling furniture! I found a bar stool at a thrift store. I took off the seat, refinished it, then put a larger oval piece of glass on the top. It makes a perfect display table for flowers and a candle arrangement. I did something similar to an old end table to make a nice coffee table.

    Even my Casita has a little dinette table made from recycling a plant stand, painting it, and adding a round glass top. If you ever use glass tops, I’ve discovered those little round, black foam non-slip stickies that Home Depot sells are the perfect thing for keeping the glass tops from sliding. Much better than the things you buy for that purpose.

    Looking forward to seeing your projects.

    And what an awesome job perk! Free furniture!!!

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