Art for Nearly Free!!

Another week has come and gone at the Mini… A lot of cleaning of the property and cleaning out of units plus a good dose of collections about sums up our week. This is one of the slower weeks in the monthly cycle which gave us plenty of time to work on the extras. Score!! Much to our surprise and delight we’re interviewing a gal today for our Assistant Manager position. The home office received her resume and forwarded it on for our review. We were quite surprised…it is our 3rd week on the job after all…but the home office feels we’ve got a handle on things enough to train an assistant. Sweet!! I nice round about kudo – we’ll take it!! We’ll see how the interview goes. But enough about work!! Onto the fun stuff!! 😉

Not sure how ‘fun’ this is but we’ve made good progress on Snowball. Weather depending I should be able to get her cleaning completed tomorrow so she’s ready to show on Monday. Well, she kinda needs to be ready for show than cuz that’s when our contractor is coming to complete the details here and there on the apartment/property and seeing as he’s our lead to selling her… You see where I’m going with this… Nothing like a hard deadline to get my procrastinating butt in high gear.

We had a lovely surprise visit from our full-time friends and fellow bloggers Wayne & Rhonda this week. We started full-timing about the same time and clicked instantly. Wayne also worked at Amazon this season but in the Kentucky warehouse not Kansas. I love meeting blog friends!! Check out their blog – it’s very entertaining and quite informative too!! It was a pleasure Wayne & Rhonda!! I so wish we had more time to visit while y’all are passing through the Big Easy!! Happy Safe Travels My Friends!! XOXO

The kids are calming down, finally!! Dickie had me a little worried but he’s finding his groove and the rest is just Dickie being a Dickie…and a cranky old man to boot!! 🙂 Now Pinks on the other hand she’s made herself right at home. Great example –

Last night Chris made the most fabulous Pork Chops EVER!! He had a hankerin to cook and who am I to stand between him and the stove?? Both of us went on and on about these pork chops during dinner. Too bad we can’t remember which one of the dozen grocery stores we’ve tried out since getting here that they came from. 😦 Anywho. We cleaned up after dinner, plates scraped, dishes in the dishwasher, coffee made for this morning – the whole nine yards. No biggie. Until this morning. I go to start the coffee and there’s a mess around the garbage can. I thought to myself, “How could we have missed cleaning that up last night?”. Oh well. I’m cleaning the house today anyway. And off I go on my morning routine. Chris sees the mess and asked what I spilled by the garbage can – Uh Nothing!! I thought you did that while cooking. Nay Nay!! Who knows!! And on about our morning we go. Next time we get up to hoot I notice the bathrobe tie on the office floor. Strange. I go to pick it up only to find that a certain little fluffy white kid had tried to hide her scavenged pork chop bone under my robe tie!! We had to laugh. Only our kid who has always chewed like a dog would steal a bone almost bigger than her out of the trash and try to hide it in the middle of the floor!! She’s our onry red head for a reason!! It’s good to see she’s quite content in her new home!! 😀 Now to get a smaller trash can to go under the sink so this naughtiness can’t continue.

Just last night I finished my 2nd art project for our new wall hangings. Here’s a sneak peek…






We’ll be framing the first one and hanging the 2nd as is. The best part…the cost to create both pieces was less than $5!! Not each..for both!! I think that deserves a double WOOHOO!! I’ve got one more art project to complete and I’m changing the color of our bathroom toothbrush holder set too. Lots more pics and upcycling on the way!!

With Much Love



2 thoughts on “Art for Nearly Free!!

  1. Love the art projects. It sounds like your new home will be coming together nicely. Will just take time to find all the right pieces. Glad you are enjoying the new job and New Orleans!

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