What the Hail?!?!

All day Saturday I cleaned. I cleaned the house and I cleaned Snowball. I did laundry and dishes and toilets and floors. And then I went in Snowball and did some more… Cinderella I’m not but I was a woman on a mission. I had a deadline and by golly I wasn’t going to miss it!! I did pretty damn good too if I don’t say so myself… On Sunday we only had a few last things to get out of Snowball, curtains to hang and another once over with the vacuum. Mission Complete!! Snowball is empty and clean – ready to show to perspective buyers.

We took the rest of Sunday off, like lay around in our PJs all day kinda off. It was wonderful!! Hopefully soon we’ll be back on the normal 2 day off schedule so our batteries can fully recharge!! We warmed up leftovers for dinner (no cooking either!!), I talked to my Mom on the phone, texted with my Aunt as we watched a TV series – a nice quiet night before back to work Monday morning.

And then BAM!!! All hell breaks loose!!

The light rain that had been falling on and off all day, all week it felt like, started getting really heavy and the thunder kicked in. Not such a big deal until it started hailing golf ball sized rocks of ice. The hail was slamming against the windows in the house scaring the shit outta me. We peeked outside from the front room and saw this


Oh Crap!! We went into the office to check on the windows and cameras. From there we could see we had 6-8 inches of rising flood waters in only a matter of minutes. We both counted our blessings for being in the apartment instead of Snowball. Snowball!!! OMG!! What is this hail doing to her?? But all we could do is ride out the storm, hail and all, and check on her later. Nearly an hour later the storm settled down and the waters began to subside around the property enough for us to go outside and check on things.

130224_0001 130224_0002






We had a lot of debris from the trees and general trash the rushing water had carried in but thankfully no real damage to the property. Unfortunately, Snowball was a different story…

The hail broke a couple reflectors, dented the cover over the fridge, banged up the fins on the AC cover but the worst of the worst was the shattered glass in the overhead vent in the living room which allowed all kinds of water to pour in and soak everything.

102_0009 102_0003 102_0007











Chris spent most of yesterday cleaning up and patching Snowball along with the clean up around the property as weather permitted. We still had several thunder storms and lots of rain throughout the day. Thankfully the rain has finally passed and we’re supposed to have sunny skies for the next week. As for Snowball…she has to have a new vent. No getting around it. That little tiny sunlight, vent, window combo is about $100 and needs to be special ordered. So it’s off to storage down the street she goes the 1st of the month. Once the vent is in and the plexiglass is on hand we’ll fix her boo boos and clean her again – Grrrrr – and put her up for sale. We’ve been told a lot of encouraging info on the need for RVs around here since most of the hunting cabins were destroyed in Katrina. She may be worth a pretty penny once we get her windows fixed up. Fingers crossed!! 😀

We’re extremely grateful to have been safe in the apartment for the hail storm. And we’re counting our blessings the overhead vent was the worst of the damage. It was one helluva storm and could have been so much worse!!

Not the pics y’all were hoping for… Next up is my latest set of upcycling projects!! Lots of fun stuff!!

With Much Love



10 thoughts on “What the Hail?!?!

  1. Oh my…and right after Snowball was all cleaned and shined! What a bummer. I bet you were happy all safe and sound in your apartment. Hopefullly the flood waters did not get in the units! I’m amazed at how fast the water came up.

    • The property is built on a slant so the quickly rising waters don’t get in the units. Pretty smart thinkin on someone’s part!!
      It is a bummer…but like always we just pick ourselves up and do it again. 🙂

  2. Kristy, do you have to replace the whole vent or just the vent lid. Amazon has universal 14 inch vent lids for around $35.00. You have to check how yours attaches and order the lid with the same attachment. I mention this because I thought we had to replace our whole vent setup, but someone showed us that we could just replace the lid. Much easier and cheaper. Hope this is the case for you.

    • I was all excited after reading your comment. No replacement?? Cool Beans!! Unfortunately with Snowball’s age we can’t find a replacement with the same hardware line up… Dang it!! Chris is thinking a junk yard might be the better way to go… We’ll see. Thanks for the idea though!! 😀

    • I was thinking y’all made it out just in time!! Snowball got her name for a reason…one issue just snowballs into a dozen more it seems… We’ll get her fixed up though. One boo boo at a time!!

    • Miss you Tiny!! Hope you’re feeling better real soon!!
      Snowball will get hers… I’m starting to think she’s just an attention hog. As soon as all the focus isn’t on her she misbehaves. Just a thought…
      Miss YOU!! XOXO

  3. Wow! look at the size of that hail! we don’t see that much in California. Sorry to hear about the damage to the snowball.

    • Lucky YOU!! Hail and Snowball definitely do NOT mix!! Oh well, new vent is ordered so she’ll be all better soon. 🙂
      Hope y’all had fun on your trip!!

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