End of the Month

Another crazy ass week has gone by. It’s utterly amazing to me how fast the weeks are going. As always, it’s a good and bad thing… Time flies when you’re having fun and we are thoroughly enjoying our new gig but we don’t feel like we’re getting much accomplished other than working. That elusive part-time schedule is still evading us, we’re putting in full-time plus hours to get everything up to our satisfaction with fingers crossed that once it’s completed the upkeep will allow the more flexible schedule. Until then we’re just busy little worker bees. I must admit that I’ve had some adjustment pains this week. On one hand I love our new job and all that comes with it but on the other I long for some real down time to just be without having to deal with all the responsibilities of the real world. The adjustment of all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, budgeting and decorating coupled with a full time plus job is wearing me a little thin. I’m sure sleeping on the floor isn’t helping the situation either…both of us wake up just as tired as when we went to bed with a few extra aches and pains to boot. But, as my sister says, You do what ya gotta do!! So we press on and do as much as we can!!

In the evenings I’ve been working on a monster project. This bad boy is going to take quite some time to complete but it’ll be so worth it in the end. So, here’s the plan. We need a room divider for when we open the door from the office to the apartment so that all our customers can’t see straight into our living room. The apartment is our sanctuary and I don’t want just anybody peeking their noses in here. So a room divider it is. All of the ones we’ve found are either outrageously expensive or hideous. So, what do we do?? Upcycle of course!! 😀  I have an old set of sheets that we’ve had for probably 8 years or more. The sheets have seen better days and were in my bin to upcycle in some fashion be it new curtains or throw pillows or such. The nifty thing about these sheets is they have a very muted design pattern on them. So why not Sharpie the design in bright colors and then use it in the frame Chris is going to build for our room divider?? HUGE project!! That’s a lot of Sharpie on a lot of sheet to get enough for a room divider… Whatcha think??

102_0001 102_0002

The next project I’ve been working on is finishing the bathroom. Seeing as it’s the smallest room in the house I figured it’d be easy breezy to whip up and call done. Well… Y’all know me…for one I’m cheap – no thrifty – and for two I can’t pass up a chance to try out a new upcycle idea. Good thing they go hand in hand!! I knew I wanted to do purple in the bathroom this time around. We’ve never had a purple bathroom and with all the tile I thought the bright purple would liven things up quite nicely. Chris was hell bent on getting the memory foam bathmats…between his ‘request’ and my color choice this is what we came up with.

102_0006I have to admit…reluctantly…that the memory foam was worth the extra cost and I absolutely LOVE the color!! Next up was to change up the color on our existing toothbrush holder, cup and soap dish set. The set is in perfect condition just not the right color for the new bathroom digs. No need to buy a new set to replace a perfectly good one!! How silly!! Instead I’ve pulled out my trusty Sharpie’s and redid them to fit the new decor. It was so easy breezy!! Just Sharpie right over the existing color and then bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Viola!! It only took a couple hours and two Sharpies to turn this – 

102_0005Into THIS!!102_0008

Next up, once I decide on the paint colors, is to tackle this monster dresser and mirror. We were also ‘gifted’ another dresser and mirror this week. The new long dresser will be upcycled into our new TV Stand and the mirror hung on it’s own. I so love presents!!! 😀

Our microwave shelf was finished this week too and when they came by to install it they brought me a present too… They had the left over carpet bound so we can use it as a small area rug. Did I mention I LOVE presents??  😉

102_0003 102_0004

With Much Love



6 thoughts on “End of the Month

    • I’m really enjoying this upcycling gig!! Chris isn’t such a fan of the ‘stuff’ I have to collect to do it though… Organization has to get moved to the top of the list!!

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