Recipe on Accident…

Yesterday I started feeling a bit under the weather… Bummer!! I shouldn’t be too shocked with our new job that requires a lot of contact with the public and dirty filthy money. I must get better at using the anti-bacterial gel!! But alas…for the moment…I have a cold. Yucky Poo Poo!!

Feeling it come on yesterday I threw a couple of steaks and a can of cream of mushroom soup in the crockpot. I figured we’d have tender steaks and gravy for the mashed potatoes I was planning to make with em. The crockpot makes everything so much easier and I was in need of a shortcut for sure!! I turned that baby on low and forgot about it. After a long nap and closing up shop for the day I peaked at the steaks. They were tender alright, so tender they shredded in with the gravy. Really?!?! At first I was upset…no one likes to waste steak of all things!! Chris to the rescue. He sent me to rest with my laptop while he ‘finished’ up dinner. More like fixed my dinner disaster. When he served dinner we both knew we had just created a new recipe completely on accident that was absolutely fabulous!! A La King Steak was born!! I wish I had thought to take a pic of it…foggy thinkin will do that. Chris whipped up the smoothest mashed potatoes ever and topped em with the thoroughly shredded steak mixed with the gravy. Viola!! A La King Steak!! He also made some green beans and a side salad too but the new concoction stole the show.

Next time I think I’ll add some onion and mushrooms to the crockpot but that’s it. It was pretty damn special without a lot of fuss. Perfect for busy days, last-minute quickie dinners and of course those sickie or lazy days!!

I’m off to catch my runny nose… Grrrr!!

With Much Love



2 thoughts on “Recipe on Accident…

  1. Don’t you love those happy accidental recipe disaster/recoveries? Some of my best cooking has been desperately creative rescue attempts!

    Sorry you have a cold. Stay warm and indulge in chicken soup with lots of garlic. And pamper yourself. šŸ™‚

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