Hair Color & Wrinkle Cream

This week has flown by!! I can’t believe it’s Friday already. It’s true what they say…Time flies when you’re having fun!! This job is certainly fun, you just never know who is going to walk through the door. Everyone has a story. My favorite part is getting a peak at theirs while they visit us. We started the process this week to have our first auction at the end of the month…So far we have 14 naughty units that are behind in rent and are going up for auction. Gonna be fun to see who pays and who doesn’t and then have our own little Storage Wars!!

Enough about workie poo though… Not a lot of crafting has been going on with my sniffles. More coloring on the room divider fabric while we finished our latest series, Fringe. It was definitely a different, way out there, futuristic show. Made me think which is always a good thing and we were always surprised with where it was going, never predictable which is a must to hold Chris’ attention.

We did get our internet and TV services ordered and by this time next week we’ll be reconnected with those high-speed, gazillion channels modern conveniences. It’s been over 10 months now since we’ve had either and we’re really looking forward to both!! As for a couch, TV and monitor…well…we’re still working on those. The couch and waterbed hunt have been a total bust!! 😦 We’ve been told over and over that no one in this area sells waterbeds… I was also informed by a salesman that we shouldn’t even consider a waterbed since we’re ‘getting up there in age’. Really?!?! WTF!!! Since when is 33 & 35 ancient?? Or is that pesky gray showing again and my wrinkle cream not doing its job?? Hmmmm. Makes me wonder. As for the couch…well…I’m told that I’m being to picky. Is it really too much to ask for a couch that I’m going to pay too much for to begin with to actually be pleasant to look at and comfortable to sit on?? I believe we found a recliner but no couch to speak of so the hunt continues. We might venture to the other side of the river on Sunday to see what kind of selection the Eastbank has to offer.

The vent for Snowball came in today. It seems really big to me but Chris said it’s an exact replacement. We even scored a good sale at Camping World and our total was only $50. Half price of the original estimate works for me!! 😀 We also picked up the plexiglass for the side window so all our supplies are in to get her fixed up and put up for sale!!

Both the repairs to Snowball and the furniture shopping are on hold though… Just as we suspected, Chris started coming down with my cold last night and it’s full-fledged this morning. He’s taking the day off to try to sleep as much of it off as he can but we’ll just have to see how it goes from here.

Happy Friday Y’all!!

With Much Love



4 thoughts on “Hair Color & Wrinkle Cream

  1. No, your ages are young and strong! Indeed, it is the “rule the world” age! Keep up the hunt till you find exactly what you had in mind. As they say, in the end, you don’t remember what you spent, but you are constantly reminded of the quality of your purchase. So, there! Chickensoup and good recovery to both of you!

  2. We settled, and still don’t have a comfortable sofa. Wait for the right one to come along!
    I do finally have a comfortable bed as of last week. Not a waterbed, though. 🙂

    • See!! I knew it!! If we buy something we don’t like just to have something to fill the space we’ll end up redoing the whole room sooner than need be. Thanks Tiny!! 😀
      Hope you’re getting back to feeling fabulous!! Miss ya!!

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