Crafty Weekend

After a long, tiresome, sniffly week I deemed Saturday night and all day Sunday craft central round these parts!! And it was just what this gal needed for a great pick me up. 😀

I spent countless hours stalking pages on Pinterest for inspiration. Well, inspiration for the supplies I had on hand at least. I’ve been spending so much time coloring my fabric for the room divider I hadn’t really started anything new. Time to spice it up!!

But before I get to the new projects I must confess my total flop on my first attempt on the bathroom accessories. Woo Boy!! So here’s what happened –  I’m all excited and take em outta the oven to let em cool. Then set em up in the bathroom, take my pics for y’all and forget about it. Chris uses the soap dish in the shower and the next time he’s in the shower he hollers for me cuz his soap’s purple. Umm… Not good!! I finger test the cup and everything looks fine. Then over time I start noticing a splotch here and there of color missing off the counter set. Oh this will so not do!! Time to bring out the spray paint. I found a very cool iridescent over spray by Mod Podge. I thought this would seal it in for sure!! I spray em up and absolutely love the way they turned out.


And I was so convinced that this had sealed the Sharpie forever that we put them in the dishwasher for a good scrubbin. Oh NO!! Nearly every last speck of Sharpie and spray paint was gone from all three pieces. Vanished. As if I never did a thing to em. 😦 Where did I go wrong?? How could so many posts be wrong?? So I began hunting on Pinterest for a different curing solution or a fix to the issue I was having. I came across a gal that was having the same issue as me…the Sharpie was simply not setting when being baked for 30 minutes on 350. Her solution was to bake hers at 425 for 30 minutes and then leave the items in the oven to cool completely. So this is my plan. Never give up, Never surrender!! I’m going to repaint my set with my Sharpies and bake with the new instructions. The set came out way too cute not to give it another shot!! I’ll keep ya posted on my 2nd attempt!! 😉

As for new projects… Oh were oh were to start??

Well, I started another huge project. Go figure… This ones a T-shirt area rug that will go in the living room. For this project I’ve collected 8 T-shirts that we’ve acquired one way or another that we won’t ever wear. And as with our only theme of the new house it’s going to be bright and colorful – full of red, purple, teal, yellow, navy, turquoise and just a smidge of tan and gray so it’s not overwhelming. So my first step is to cut up all of the T-shirts into 1 in wide strips. No easy feat!! T-shirts have a lot of fabric when you start cutting em up like that!! Next I’ll be sewing the strips together, end to end, until I have three very long strands to braid into my rug. Once it’s all braided I’ll be sewing the underside to hold the rug coils together, hopefully by the time I get to this stage I’ll have a little sewing machine to do the work for me!! 🙂

I was actually able to start and finish a project in one day. Mark it on the calendar!! I’ve seen examples of this sort of wall art all over Pinterest but wanted to do it just a little different, go figure!! As you can see, with a little imagination you could do 1000’s of different variations of it whether to suit your decor, your colors or just your mood at the moment. It was so super simple and too much fun!! Whatcha think?? Chris calls it Kristy’s Peacock. I absolutely love it and it’s my favorite of all of em I’ve done so far!! And, I paid a whopping $4 for the whole project!! Sweet deal!!


I also started sanding the bar stools as a test run before I tackle these 2 huge dressers. I’m so glad I did!! There is no physical way I can hand sand all these pieces in any reasonable amount of time. Just ain’t gonna happen unless you’ve got arms like the Hulk!! So, the next time we’re in Home Depot we’ll be picking up a mouse hand sander to assist me with these monster dressers. The weather looks perfect this week to get some good sanding time in. Now if I could only decide on the paint colors… Decisions decisions…. Any ideas??

I have all the supplies for one more wall hanging except a paper-cutter. Good thing the Michaels is just across the way from the Home Depot!! 😉

I had to share with y’all how crazy cute my kids are. Sometimes they just have these moments…


So here’s how it happened. Innocent of course. Dickie has been going up to the shower door and meowing, or in his case more like howling. I thought he was talking to himself in the reflection, they’ve all done that in the bathroom mirror, no biggie. But the other day he wasn’t talking to himself as it were…he wanted in the shower. I thought, OK you crazy fool, go on in the shower and see how much you like it. Much to my surprise as soon as I opened the shower door the girls show up and before I know it everyone’s in the shower. Well I couldn’t let Chris miss it so I shut the door on em so he could see. When he sees them we both start belly laughing so hard we could hardly catch our breath. Kitty in a glass box anyone??

I’m off to cut up some more T-shirts. Hope y’all had a Fantabulous Monday!!

With Much Love



10 thoughts on “Crafty Weekend

  1. The bathroom set is gorgeous. Sure hope you get the color problem fixed!

    And I’m going to steal your peacock idea… someday. I have a huge picture up that I am sick of, and would love something more abstract and colorful!!! I thought I wanted to do a wall quilt until I saw your peacock!

    The cats in the glass cage are hilarious! 😀

    So glad you are feeling better!

    • You sound back to your happy go lucky self!! Yippee!! 😀
      I love the peacock, my technicolor peacock!! Already working on the next wall hanging!! 🙂

  2. Love the peacock! I’m glad you’re keeping us posted on all the crafts. It keeps me inspired while I’m working.

    • Thank you Miss Susan!! We love the technicolor peacock!!
      Our kids are funny…they love water. We’ve spoiled our eldest Dickie to the point where he won’t drink out of the bowl anymore, it has to be running water from the faucet. I know… Spoilt roiten!! Oh well!! 😀

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