Dumpster Diva!!

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure… Oh so stinkin true especially when it comes to emptying out storage units and upcycling. It blows my mind what people throw out. Usually there isn’t room in the new place or in the unit to hold everything but sometimes it’s just too heavy to mess with. Either way is a win win for us!! Especially since there isn’t a darn thing wrong with any of it!! Nothing a little elbow grease, paint and love can’t fix!! 😉 In this short amount of time we’ve inherited –

2 Bar Stools

Before Sanding

Before Sanding

After Sanding

After Sanding







2 Dining Room Chairs


One of the Dining Room Chairs and the shelf

One of the Dining Room Chairs and the shelf






Step Stool/Mini Shelf

After Sanding

After Sanding but before surgery






2 Long Dressers with Mirrors

27 in TV

TV Stand

The 2nd dresser we acquired I’m sure was due to a missing a drawer…I can see the dilemma if you wanted to use it as an actual dresser but we immediately saw it as our permanent TV stand. Seeing as any size TV Chris could ever dream of buying will fit on top of it and it has built-in storage for all his gaming stuff, never mind a drawer or two left over to store movies, CDs or extra throw blankets!! As for the missing drawer…doesn’t matter to us, we’re taking the top three drawers out anywho to hold the DVR and Playstation. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me!!

The 27 inch TV… It is the old style, big and heavy, but it works. A TV is a TV so long as it works!! And when you don’t have one it’s a major score!! The little step stool…well it was a little country for my taste and we don’t need a step stool…so what to do?? Well after sanding it down Chris chopped off the bottom of the heart shape and removed the curved stability chunks. Now it’s just a sorting shelf to sit on top of Chris’ desk or maybe even on the foyer table to hold cell phones and such. Soon to be desk and foyer table that is…still working on ‘inheriting’ those. 😉

With all these new-found wooden treasures I stopped by Harbor Freight to get me my very first hand sander. This little guy is beyond cool beans!! He has already paid for himself with the time it’s saved me!! You can’t beat $14 for such an awesome tool!! It’s assisted me in striping the 2 bar stools and the shelf already, next up is the temporary TV Stand and then the Permanent TV Stand/Dresser. We’ve decided to use yet another technique I’ve read up on on Pinterest to antique the dresser and mirror combo for our bedroom since it has such awesome detailing. We’re heading to the Home Depot this weekend to make some paint choices…the possibilities are endless!!

Have I mentioned lately how freakin awesome our job is?? We’re in love!! Might be hard to ever leave but that’s a thought for another day…

With Much Love



6 thoughts on “Dumpster Diva!!

    • It only temporarily keeps me outta trouble…or depending on the project can get me into serious trouble… 😀
      Regardless I’m having some pretty serious fun!!

  1. Cool Ass Beans for sure. That sounds great. Hang in there could be a Lamborgini in your future. Way back when I had a storage unit, there was a guy that would show up on Friday and park his 10 year old beater in the unit he rented for the New Sportscar he ‘bought’ and never paid for. He would return the sportscar to the storage unit on Sunday afternoon. Often wonder what ever happened to that guy/car.
    So glad to see things working out so well.

    • You just never know what people have stored in these units – good, bad and ugly!! We have several cars that we know about but nothing as cool as a Lamborgini… Or is there?? Gotta love the mystery!!
      Sounds like your new gig is pretty sweet too!! Good for y’all!! Happy Trails my friends!!

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