Furniture At Last!!

The furniture we ordered finally arrived today!! After 3 long weeks with only our computer chairs to sit on we’ve now added 2 snuggly recliners and a sofa. After delivery we ‘arranged’ the living room space even though the TV and Internet are another week off due to an AT&T fub up. I’m not going to Bitch too much about it though because they are compensating us for the hassle and delay quite handsomely with over $250 in fees waived and VISA cards totally an additional $250. I like cash. It makes us feel a whole lot better about the whole ordeal. 🙂

But back to the fabulous new furniture!! Y’all know we’ve been struggling to find something reasonably priced that we liked and was comfortable. It hadn’t occurred to us that it’s been nearly 15 years since we went couch shopping. Ugghhh… Having an old moment… OK. Better now. Anywho, we haven’t looked at couches for a very very long time and when we did we had one store to choose from, even then we found a solid comfy couch and love seat set for a whopping $300 out the door. We didn’t realize how expensive things had gotten and how firm seems to be the new comfy. We also didn’t expect to find the same ole thing over and over again at each and every furniture store we visited either. Add all that up together and it was turning out to be a pretty frustrating mission. Fortunately we have a furniture store right down the street with a lovely young married couple running it, just like yours truly. The location is nearly directly across the street from the Post Office we have to go to a couple of times a week for work. You don’t get much more convenient than that to check out their new arrivals and sales!! And early this week when I was at the Post Office I saw a huge delivery truck  there. Time to take another peak after work.

SCORE!! The 2 recliners we liked the best were marked down to closeout prices due to being the last 2 left. Fabulous!! We’ll take ’em!! While we were talking to the husband he said their other store across town had a very unique couch that matches the recliners also go on closeout this week. Really?!?! Hmmm… Keep talking…we’re very interested. It’s a more modern looking couch with sage microfiber on the top and a dark leather trim on the bottom. Really?!?! OK, More… The center of the couch has an optional fold out with a drink holder/laptop holder. Ummm…Cool beans!! SHOW ME!!

Here she is. Full couch and then with a cup holder.

102_0027 102_0032





I loved how it is so different from anything else we’d seen. It has character and there’s something to be said for that!! We butt tested our couches sister version on the showroom floor and ordered ours sight unseen. Now that’s saying something!! 😉 We didn’t even realize until we were paying for the set that this sofa is actually a modern-day futon. Double Bonus!! Now when family and friends come to visit they at least have the option of staying with us instead of being automatically shipped off to some hotel room. Yippee!! Hooray!!


During our multiple trips to this furniture store we’ve been getting to know the other couple. They’re super sweet and now we prefer to do our furniture shopping with them due to the completely pleasant experience we’ve had over and over again. On our last trip we started asking about the memory foam mattresses I’d been researching online since a waterbed is apparently unheard of around here. Bummer!! But I’ve read great reviews on the memory foam mattresses. It just so happens that our fabulous new furniture store is due to be receiving a shipment of these new state of the art memory foam mattresses any time now. So we’ll be checking back frequently until we can test out this mysterious memory foam.

But for now…we’re thrilled to the high heavens with our new living room set!!


I can’t wait to take my first cat nap in one of these recliners. That was one of my favorite things with our old recliners…afternoon naps with my kids that didn’t screw up my hairdo or face paint!! It’s the little things folks!!

With Much Love



4 thoughts on “Furniture At Last!!

  1. Aren’t you so glad you waited until you found the RIGHT things? On closeout? And a futon to boot. You did okay! 😀

    Best yet is finding new friends and a place to shop for decent furniture in the future. I also hate those every-store-has-the-same-tacky-stuff furniture stores!

  2. Cool beans is right. Great score on the furniture. You will REALLY like the Memory Foam. When we got the 5er we junked the stock mattress and put our memory foam in it’s place. Do NOT give ANY slack to AT&T they can screw up a crow bar in a sand pile.

    • We’re not fans of AT&T in the slightest. We only went with them because they are the ONLY company servicing our area… We shouldn’t have been surprised when our order was screwed up so royally. Only a little while longer…or so the story goes. 😉

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