End of Week Ramblings

I just can’t get over how quickly the weeks seem to be going. It feels like I was just typing this for last week. I must confess… I’ve never ever had a job that I enjoyed this much. I wouldn’t have believed anyone that told me I could work at any job and not watch the clock for next break or lunch or quitting time. But this, this is fun, this is easy, this is so not stressful. It’s the perfect mix of outside moving around and inside office type stuff. And, probably the bestest part, when it’s slow I can get my chores done. Saturday for example, I was able to clean the whole entire house while working. Then I had Sunday off and it was really a day off because I got to spend it doing what I wanted to do and NOT what I had to do. So stinking Fabulous!!

We’ve also been stricter with ourselves about enforcing the part-time days. It’d be so easy for both of us to work all day everyday but we realize we’d burn out if we tried. So this week we were pretty good about sticking to our shifts, I’ve been taking the mornings and Chris has been closing. It works out well this way cuz after my shift I can change clothes and get to sanding until the sun is gone. Once I start sanding I’m such a mess from all the saw dust I’m no good to any customer. After sanding my first stop is the shower, just no way around it. That’s how I was able to get all those pieces worked on this week – insert part-time work schedule.

I know I mentioned we were interviewing for an Assistant Manager a few weeks ago. Well, this week we were able to finish the 2nd interview and extend an offer to our very first Assistant. It’s so exciting!! This week she’ll be here the majority of the time to get a good solid training before beginning her very part-time permanent schedule. She’s such a lovely gal, we’re thrilled to have her working with us!! Once her training is completed that also means we’ll have 2 solid days off a week… Oh the possibilities!! Maybe we’ll finally get to get out and check out some of the very cool attractions our new city has to offer!!

Speaking of Louisiana specialties… On Friday I was running extremely late from the dozen or so errands I had for us and the business so I did something completely out of the ordinary for us and stopped at a fast food restaurant that we’ve never been too before to grab something quick to bring home for a late lunch. Popeye’s Chicken was the closest and easiest to get in and out of, in the land of no left turns that means a great deal!! Anywho, neither of us has ever ate at a Popeye’s before though we’ve seen them everywhere since getting to Louisiana. Since Chris doesn’t eat chicken on the bone I got him some simple Chicken Tenders, easy enough. But for myself I went way out there and ordered a Shrimp Po’ Boy sandwich. So not only was it a new restaurant but a totally new food choice too!! I’ve heard how out of this world delicious the Po’ Boy sandwiches are from everyone we encounter. People down here take their food very seriously!! They were absolutely right though, that Po’ Boy was outstanding!! Such a different combination of tastes it’s hard to explain instead it’s just something you’ll have to try for yourself!! Now I’m just looking for an excuse to go back for another…  😉

The other bit of excitement for me this week was my long overdue trip to the salon. I haven’t had my hair cut by a professional in about a year. I have given myself a couple trims/layering over that time period but nothing real. To say I was overdue just may be the understatement of the year. I think my split ends were starting to get split ends. Every hair on my head felt so dry causing it to tangle horribly all the time. Finally I said Enough is Enough and went into a Hair/Nail Salon and took the first gal available to fix my mop. A little crazy to just go into some random hair place and put my long locks in the hands of a stranger?? Absolutely!! But after all, it’s only hair right?? I’m thrilled with my new do!! It isn’t really a new hair do but rather a reshaping and desperately needed cut. It feels so much better and the tangles have diminished a ton. While I was in the salon I spotted a gal doing nails… Should I?? I’ve been doing so good at keeping my natural nails long and pretty but the furniture redos and crafting have been taking a toll. The internal debate raged on as I was getting my hairs done. Should I or shouldn’t I?? Pros and Cons to both decisions… In the end I stopped to chat with the gal, asking her opinion. She said a protective top coat was the way to go. Nothing too extreme or permanent. A very happy compromise. I’m thrilled with the end result!! Super healthy yet strong natural nails that should be able to handle all the sanding I can dish out!!

Back to work I go!!

With Much Love



9 thoughts on “End of Week Ramblings

  1. You sound happier than ever now. I LOVE to watch you and Chris really living and enjoying each day. Your blog is so much fun to read. I don’t even miss Snowball! 😀

  2. You are back to your cheerful self. Isn’t it great to get the girly stuff taken care of. I’m going in today for a haircut and blonde color! Woo hoo. My last color was too dark. It’s spring, gotta look springy.

    Congrats on a job that you love. I bet they love having you too.

    One of these months we’re going to get to NOLA. Even Bob’s finally getting hitch itch.


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