Spray Paint??

So the wood working projects continue. I read over and over again on Pinterest how much better it was to use Spray Paint over standard brush paint on wood – Less streaks, more even softer color, faster drying time etc. So that’s what we bought. While it’s true what I read what they didn’t tell me is that it’s going to cost gobs more because one can of spray paint doesn’t go very far – at all!!

102_0038Take these two lovely (I absolutely love the colors!!) bar stools. It took a whole can of paint to do a single coat on the legs of the stools. A whole entire can!!

102_0043 102_0039





Isn’t Chris a genius for thinking of this method of painting the shelves?? He made me a painting clothes line!! Oh how I love that man!! Yet again, one can of spray paint put a base coat on 2 of the 4 shelves. So I guess that means I’ll need another 3-4 cans to complete them… Really??


Here’s the spindles for the shelf. Once again… ONE can of spray paint did a base coat on nearly all of the spindles. I’m going to need at least one more can of spray paint to finish ’em up.

102_0033 102_0044





I wasn’t sure this one was worth saving a fixing up to be honest with you. We need a TV Stand but this one was pretty beat up when it found its way to us. I stripped off all the plastic and tape and gunk and then sanded her down. It took 2 cans of spray paint to redo her and then a light spraying of the iridescent paint to give it a little something special since black is well…just black. She looks and feels so much better. She’ll be moved into the front room tonight or tomorrow morning!! Yippee!!

So by my calculations it’s going to take a total of 12-13 cans of spray paint, not including the iridescent or the clear protecting top coat. Granted that’ll redo 2 Bar Stools, the shelf and the TV stand but at $3.50 – $7.00 a can it’s too expensive considering the amount of paint in a can I could get in thousands upon thousands of different colors for the same price. I’ll be more patient with the drying time and more careful with steaks and brush stroke marks in the next round of wood working projects for the that kind of savings!! I’m so glad I did these smaller projects first testing out the spray paint idea instead of jumping into the big ole dresser.

Finished results coming soon. After another Home Depot run… 😉

I also finished up cutting up all my T-shirts for the braided run and the braiding has begun!! Pinks and I are working on a mutual understanding that braiding is for Mommies only not Pinky Poos. It isn’t going real well… Dickie’s curious too…but not to the same degree.


With Much Love



3 thoughts on “Spray Paint??

  1. Yikes! That’s a lot of paint! But it does cost a lot more to use spray paint than the cans. But it’s so convenient

    The TV stand doesn’t have to be forever. Just until something really fantastic gets abandoned by another customer! 😀

    Dickie checking out the rug-to-be is so cute!

  2. I wonder if you use a primer spray first if that might help with the cost? I have also noticed better quality paint gives better coverage in fewer coats. Brush on paint can be tricky, but you can get pretty good results with a roller.
    I like the color of the stools BTW 🙂

    • I used primer on one of the bar stools and the TV Stand but it didn’t seem to make a lot of difference…unfortunately!! I am going to steal your idea of using a little roller for the paint on the big dresser. I think it’s brilliant!! Thank YOU!! 😀

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