Spring Has Sprung

Well I guess technically it’s Spring now but ’round these here parts we’ve been enjoying Spring for a month now.

All my bushes and flowers are in bloom.

102_0025 - Copy

We have baby birds under the gutters. The skeeter eaters are out in full force. The weather is steadily in the 70s with wonderfully cool mornings and perfect Topless days!!

102_0022 - Copy

We’re definitely showing our ‘Out of Town’ colors as we enjoy this beautiful weather. The life long locals just smile and softly chuckle…In a few months we may not be feeling so chipper…there might not be such a skip in our step as the temps steadily climb along with the humidity but for now…we smile, enjoy the flowers, relish in the cool mornings and treasure each beautiful day as it comes along for the blessing it is.


Hope you’re Spring is full a new beginnings and lots of happy skip filled days!!


With Much Love



6 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. Ah Springtime. Not quite here in San Francisco yet but getting there. Sunny days and cold temps. Great that you two are out of the snowy north. Enjoy!

    • Can you remind me of how wonderful Spring was when Summer hits us down here?? Good with the bad right??
      You’re going to be in mushroom heaven soon!!

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