I know I haven’t mentioned Snowball in quite a while… I try not to think about her honestly but that tactic hasn’t been working. She’s still here whether I want to admit it or not. So we (Chris) focused our extra time and attention on her this week to get her fixed up and ready for sale. Chris installed the new vent for the one that was shattered in the hail storm. He also cut down a piece of plexiglass to replace the window that was demolished in the micro burst in Kansas. Sounds simple enough but this is Snowball we’re talking about so…6 hours later job complete.

New VentNew Window InstalledNew Window with Tint




Mission Complete!! Snowball is now up for sale to the first cash in hand buyer that comes our way. With a tight time frame of literally a couple of days to get her off the property and into the hands of her new owner we are dangerously close to the completely desperate stage. We spent all Saturday night and all day Sunday showing her to prospective buyers. Everyone’s interested but… We’ll see how the next couple of days play out and just go with the flow. Stressing about it ain’t gonna help nothin no how. 😀

We’ve been making a lot of progress on sprucing up the property here at our Mini too. A lot of little things have needed our attention and all those little things are finally adding up to some real noticeable progress. It feels really good and we’re super proud of ourselves!! We still have quite the list to accomplish but progress is progress nonetheless!! Chris bought me this gorgeous bush/tree for our front door planter. I’m just in love with it!! He did such a great job!!


We also had a very productive first week of training with our new assistant. She is a really bright and eager gal. She’s catching on real quick, we can see a 2 day weekend in our very near future!! Tomorrow she’ll fly solo with us around for questions and guidance. Exciting stuff!! 😉

We made a little furniture progress this week too. Not as much as I would have liked but I’ll take it!! I finished painting the TV Stand and we got the TV all set up on it in anticipation for our new internet and TV service. But thanks again to AT&T being a bunch of bumbling fools we STILL do not have either service. But that’s a whole different issue and a nasty drawn out story that really isn’t worth the time to tell so we’ll just leave it at that.

102_0045 102_0046Chris also finished his first upcycling project. We had this cute sign from houses past that we kept. Well, we needed a key ring holder by the back door to for all our car keys and such. No need to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a store bough key holder – we’ll make it ourselves!! I used some hemp from my jewelry making supplies to knot up the holder. Chris stapled the hemp to the back and drilled the hooks in the bottom. Viola!! Instant cute key holder!! And it was all Chris’ idea…and he gives me grief about this whole upcycling thing. Bah!!

We have an extremely busy week coming up at the Mini with our first Storage Auction and our trainer coming down from the home office to help us out. But despite the crazy work week we have I fully intend on getting to the Home Depot for the next round of spray paint and finishing off our new shelf and bar stools. We’ve also decided to use the 2nd dresser to hold Chris’ tools instead of upcycling it into our permanent TV Stand. We have the temporary TV Stand in place and Chris desperately needs somewhere to sort his tools out and a work bench type area. It’s all about priorities!! Once the new tool work bench is in place we’ll move the dresser into my wood shop so I can get to all that sanding. Always something fun going on around here!! You just never know what’ll happen next!! 😉 I have a couple of new smaller projects that I’m working on and the braiding for the T-shirt rug and coloring of the room divider fabric still continues.

I’m off to braid a little more before bed… Hope y’all had a super fantabulous weekend!!

With Much Love



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