Snowball’s Grand Finale

You know how some weeks are just plain craziness?? Doesn’t matter what you try to do to stop it…the craziness just keeps coming!! Welcome to our week!! Just one of the reasons I absolutely love our job is that you just never know what’s gonna happen. Never a dull or boring moment around here!! I have several blogs to write cuz it’s just too much to try to jam into one post but I’ve missed you and wanted to touch base. 😀

Here’s a taste –

Monday was spent spiffing up the property for the auction later in the week. We had our assistant in the office making collection calls while Chris and I cleaned our little hearts out. It’s been quite windy and it doesn’t take much to get leaves and berries all over the property, never mind the trash from neighboring businesses. Amidst our cleaning day we continued to show Snowball in hopes of selling her before the auction. We were coming up on our deadline super fast without a real bite…just a bunch of tire kickers. Chris finally determined that it must be a sport down here to go look at things that you have no intention of buying just to belittle it and waste the sellers time. After just a few days of showing her and a couple dozen ‘interested’ buyers we had had enough. We know she isn’t perfect…we never pretended she was…but she ain’t a piece of junk either!! Her engine alone was worth more than we were asking for the whole RV. Anywho… It made for a very long draining day. And still no buyers…

Tuesday, after a whole month of fighting with the mentally challenged people at AT&T we finally got our internet modem in the mail. We have never ever had such difficulties with purchasing a service before. It blows me away that AT&T is one of the biggest companies out there, known worldwide, and they have the absolute worst customer service on the face of the planet!! Just one of the down falls of big corporate business…too much going on, one hand doesn’t know what the others doing… Result – the customer suffers!! Anywho!! Chris set up our real internet service and is looking forward to setting up his PC for some online gaming. It’s been too long and after our week I think he is overdue for some stress relief and if killing zombies on a video game works I’m all for it!! We continued to show Snowball all day. Finally, mid afternoon, a serious buyer showed up. I knew as soon as we saw him that he was the one. Snowball had finally met her new owner. We did the walk through with him and his dog and both were instantly at home. The young man has just purchased a piece of property and is going to be moving Snowball on it to live in once her repairs are complete. I think they are going to be very happy together for a very long time!! The only issue…her new owner was not comfortable driving her in New Orleans traffic. He’d never drove an RV before and doesn’t plan on driving her all that much except to her plot of land. We offered to take Snowball on one last ride – the Grand Finale – across the bridge for him. That sealed the deal!! Snowball was sold with delivery scheduled for late Wednesday night.

Wednesday our Trainer from the Home Office flew in to help us with our first auction sale. I was so stinkin excited!! We had 7 whopping units up for sale and I knew we were going to pull a big crowd. I couldn’t wait to see if it was really going to be like on TV. We did all our prep paperwork, took a tour of the property and went over all the rules for the sale. It was a long day of training with a long night ahead of us still with the delivery of Snowball. Between our two schedules and trying to avoid as much traffic as possible we set up the pick up for 9pm. Her new owner was right on time with cash in hand. We fired up Snowball and she just purred for him. Chris spent a good deal of time going over all the buttons, gauges, gadgets and compartments with him before we finally hit the road. We should have gotten a little better idea of exactly how far and where we were delivering her too before agreeing…looking back in retrospect…but that’s just how it goes sometimes. To say we went into the not so great part of New Orleans would be a terrible understatement not that we would have really known that if he had told us where we were going though… Anywho, I followed Snowball as she crossed the finishing line marking the end of our adventure with her. Not that I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and absorb that. It’ll come though. We were so focused on getting her delivered, off our property just in time before the auction, and not having to deal with anymore tire kickers!! She had an easy drive across the bridge once more and once we finally made in to her final destination we were focused on getting the hell outta there!! After a few tense minutes of getting our bearings and sense of direction we were on the right track straight for the interstate and back to our safe home sweet home!! We were crawling in bed at 12:15 AM just in time to wish each other a Happy Anniversary, 15 years of wedded bliss, and we wouldn’t change a minute!!

I’ll be posting more on the auction and other fun stuff that happened this week!! Soon too, I promise!!

Happy Easter my friends!!

With Much Love



3 thoughts on “Snowball’s Grand Finale

  1. Happy Easter💜💙💚🐥🐥. Can’t wait to hear about the auction . And what you found for recycle Love ya

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