Auction Day

Our first Storage Auction!! We LOVE the TV shows on the auctions, in part it’s what got us thinkin about being Mini Managers and now we get to do our very own!! It was a whirlwind of fun and we loved every minute of it!!

So, to have an auction you must have naughties, as we call em, that haven’t paid their rent. That’s the bad part. We have to go through a long process to legally be able to sell the goods and reclaim our space. As one of the legalities we have to publish the sale in the paper, that’s how all the buyers find out about the sale. And they come by the dozens in search of treasure. With 7 big size units available at our auction we drew quite the crowd and they were all a bunch of characters just like the shows on TV. But then again, most everyone we meet down here is a character, just another reason we absolutely love our job!! All the buyers sign in and try to get the inside scoop on what’s for sale, how many units, how long they’ve had em etc. Finally the time came to start the auction and we headed out on the property to view the units. They were all so cute with their big ole flashlights just like they use on the TV shows. Let the bidding begin!! Our units went for more than what we were told to expect but nothing like what they pay on TV…those prices are a little out there and a lot of it is for show. After weeks and weeks of all the paperwork we had to do to be prepared to sell them it was all over within an hour. Now it’s time to ‘Pay the Lady’!! That’s ME!! 😀 After the money is collected they start the process of digging out and loading up their goods. They’re only allowed a short window of time to collect the things before we go in and clean out our unit so they’re motivated to get it all outta here in a hurry!! Several of the buyers were from surrounding area thrift and second-hand stores – just like on TV!! They came with their own moving trucks and trailers and had no problem cleaning them babies out. With the auction completed early Thursday afternoon we had possession of all our units again by early Saturday morning. Not bad!! No one found treasure, at least not that they were willing to share with us…yet… They’ll all be back again as we have our next auction the end of April and we’ll see what they really found in all those unopened boxes!! You just never know…

The only bad part about the auction was the clean up afterwards. We spend so many hours a week as it is to keep our property trash free and sparkling clean but after all the move outs were done it was like a tornado ran through the property with debris from all the units everywhere. The bathroom was trashed, liter throughout the driveway, cigarette butts everywhere… So, we cleaned again…and then again…so our customers over the weekend would have the same level of cleanliness they have come to expect. They’ll never even know we had an auction…just as it should be!!

Auction day is now my favorite day of the month!! Just when I thought this job couldn’t get any better… Have I mentioned lately that I’m in love with my job?? 😉 Even with all the clean up it was an absolute blast!!

So, for our 15th Anniversary we celebrated Auction style. We were able to spend the whole day together, having a new adventure. Can’t ask for much more!! We did sneak off after the office closed to a nice quiet dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant across the street. They have the most amazing Veal Parmesan!! We had some wine, counted our blessings and reminisced of our life together thus far. The perfect end to the perfect day!!

With Much Love



5 thoughts on “Auction Day

  1. Sounds like a great time. It’s great to have a job you enjoy.
    Just one question though, How long is a unit overdue before it goes on the block?
    Happy Anniversary!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • 2 months without payment and they’re sold. Some people just don’t care if you sell their stuff others want us to work with them and we’re happy to do it. Just depends… 🙂

    • We’re having a blast!! Can’t wait to get out and explore a little more. Hope y’all are having a blast on the open road!! Safe travels my friend!! 😀

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