Mini Craft…

Happy Hump Day!! Another week is speeding by…not as crazy as last week though, thank heavens!! The 1st of the month always brings lots and lots of payments and then there’s lock cuts to start the next months auction process. Our slower cycle is right around the corner – time to get ready for more crafts and upcycling!!

I did complete one upcycling project last week amidst the whirlwind. We needed a mat or something to put under the coffee pot to be able to slide it out to fill with water. I looked at nearly every store we’ve been in but couldn’t find something we liked and were willing to pay for. Seriously? It’s a piece of fabric not spun gold!! Geez!! Anywho… I have several of the dish drying mats left over from the rig that I really didn’t know what I’d do with now that we have a super cool beans dishwasher. Anyone else smell an upcycle project??

102_0060 102_0062





Chris must have thought I was crazy as I sat night after night using the Sharpies to color in each individual square. I didn’t want it to be perfect, just a splash of color on the counter top. When you take everything off it it’s a little loud but once set up it turned into the lovely splash I was hoping for!!

I’ve also been braiding like crazy for our T-Shirt rug. I finally completed the braiding of the strips I’d cut only to realize – I don’t have enough!! I was a little surprised, Chris not so much… So I stopped by the thrift store this week to pick up more T-shirts. I found a lovely yellow one and then scored a lime green!! They’ll be lovely in the mix!! Let the strips begin again!!

Why the hurry on the rug?? We found a lovely Pub style dining room table next door at the furniture store!! Yippee!! We walked our happy butts over there with the dolly and walked our new furniture home. It took all of 10 mins and saved us an outrageous 69.99 delivery fee. For one trip with the dolly…

Dining Room Furniture Before

Chris worked his magic… Viola!!

New Dining Room Furniture Dining Room Furniture on our FREE Rug!

The set came with the table and two swivel chairs. We added in the red stools for company and a nice pop of color. We love the way it turned out!! Now that my free rug is under the table we need the T-shirt rug to dress up the area in front of the couch. It’s all starting to piece itself together quite nicely!!


Chris couldn’t have done it though without his little helpers…


Last night we went to the Man Store (Home Depot) and finally picked up the additional spray paint to finish the shelf and bar stools. We also decided (agreed) on the paint colors and technique for the dresser. Once this rain lets up…tomorrow is supposed to be the last of it…I’ll be a painting and sanding fool again to get those pieces done and moved in!! It’s beginning to feel a lot like home round here. πŸ˜€

We decided on painting the dresser two-tone and then applying stain over the entire paint job to really bring out the detail in the piece. I was shocked at the colors Chris picked out… He went way further out there than I was thinking. If you wanna guess on the colors I might just have to spill the beans before the project is finished… πŸ˜‰

We have started the process of converting everything over to Louisiana. Quite the process!! First and easiest step – new cell phone numbers. Now we each have a phone number of our own again – if you need it just hollar!! Our next mission was the car insurance. Insurance – for anything – down here is out of this world crazy expensive. Our monthly car and renters insurance down here is the same as a brand new car’s payment!! Ouch!! But there’s a reason for it and if we need it I want everything covered. Our next step is the drivers licenses and car registration. We only need to receive a couple more bills in the mail to have us both covered to officially transfer our residency and become Louisianans!!

The internet was installed and just yesterday the TV was finally installed!! We are hooked up and dialed in!! Nothin like watching TV on a free TV sitting on a free stand. πŸ˜‰ Chris has already informed me that the shopping for a new, much bigger (much much bigger) TV has begun and I shouldn’t be surprised if it shows up within the month. TeeHee. I’m surprised he lasted this long!! We curled up in our recliners last night to watch TV and couldn’t find anything on to watch. How stinkin funny is that?? We ended up watching some Criminal Minds reruns and calling it a night.

With any luck I’ll have a lot more pics for you of completed art and upcycling projects very very soon. It’s all coming together so nicely and feeling like home. What more can anyone ask for??

With Much Love




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