French Quarter Adventure!!

Happy Monday my friends!! It’s our first 2-day weekend since arriving in New Orleans and starting our new job. 2 whole blessed days off… Ahhhh… But just like always it’s going way too fast and everything we wanted to accomplish is looking like an impossibility. But we plug on, plunge ahead and do what we can… All you can do is all you can do, right??

Part of the reason our “To Do” list is suffering a bit is because we decided to put FUN first this weekend and chores second. We were so overdue for some exploring and an adventure. So what better way to spend a day than exploring the French Quarter, Bourbon Street and the Market Square??

Our adventure started with a short drive to the Ferry to catch a ride across the Mississippi River. We headed to the closest Ferry but it was closed…though it was supposed to be open… All part of the adventure!!

100_0073 100_0074 100_0075





But it wasn’t a fruitless leg of our journey since we stumbled across where the local Farmers Market is held every Saturday morning! Score!! Guess where I’m headed before work next Saturday… 😉 

Off we go to the next Ferry which isn’t too terribly much further. The Ferry floats back and forth across the river from 5am to midnight nearly every day of the week. Very convenient for us Westbankers to have daytime and nighttime fun on the Eastbank where most of the festivities are without the headache of the traffic and finding somewhere to park. And the best part is the Ferry is FREE!! The Ferry we took was right across the river from all the festivities. We could see Harrah’s casino, a lovely old church and the Riverwalk from our perch while waiting for the Ferry to arrive. It was fun to watch the tug boats and barges go by while we waited. Once on the Ferry the whole trip was around 5 minutes. Easy Breezy!!

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As soon as we departed the Ferry the aquarium is right on the Riverwalk. We thought about heading in but really wanted to explore the French Quarter first. With the ease of the Ferry we’ll be able to head over frequently to take in all the attractions. So we began to wander aimlessly through the streets of the French Quarter, in and out of numerous little tourist shops including some voodoo for good measure. We fit right in with all the other tourists, camera out and map in hand. We watched the horse-drawn carriage tours go by and the new age Segway tours roll through. You don’t get a much better chance to people watch than this!! Before we got too far into it all we had to stop in one of the dozens of bars for a drink!! When in Rome…. And since around here you get your booze to go our first stop was Daiquiri’s. We’ve seen this drive-thru bar all over New Orleans but never actually stopped before. Seriously?? Mixed drinks through a drive thru?? How can this be legal?? Down here, it’s the norm. After stopping in we now realize why this bar is everywhere…they had the brilliance of combining a slushie with booze!! It gets hot down here and if you’re gonna drink might as well be a fun slushie!! After a couple mini samples Chris decided on a small White Russian slushie and I had the Hurricane in LARGE!! Drinks in hand, let the exploration begin!! We just followed the crowd for awhile, checking out the little shops but mostly taking it all in. It was easy to see what a difference a few hours would make in turning this somewhat family friendly environment into party central especially once we got to Bourbon street with even more bars and strip clubs.

We stumbled across a street act setting up for a show, right in the middle of the street outside the court house I think. We plopped down to watch and sip our drinkie drinks. They were a hoot to watch, they called themselves the Ghetto Tumblers I believe, and were quite good with the gymnastics, dancing and drums.


The people watching was great too. Everyone has a story and since we knew we were among tourist it was fun trying to figure out where people were from. Then every once in a while we’d see something in the crowd that took us completely by surprise…like a  very large black man covered in silver paint including his clothes casually walking down the street (we found him later in the day putting on a mini show of his own) or the “man” is a rhinestone studded black pushup bra and tootoo topped off with fishnets and platform heels from the seventies including the goldfish in the heel struttin his stuff down the main street rockin his platinum wig and stuffing tips into his bra for pictures. Like I said, it’s easy to see how the party turns once the lights go out!!

We stopped for some lunch by the Market Square before shopping our way through the flea market and farmers market. We had to try their version of the ever popular Po Boys. I stuck with my shrimp and Chris opted for his favorite roast beef with sauce (brown gravy). They were good but not as good as the ones we get closer to home. It’s always so funny to us when they ask how we’d like our Po Boy dressed instead of what we’d like on it… Too funny!! We always reply Formal but the joke seems to be lost of the locals but it makes us giggle every time!!

With fresh drinks in hand we head into the Flea Market. They had every touristy thing you could think of – Lots of beads of course and T-shirts galore, tons of trinket and fashion jewelry and booth after booth of knock off designer purses. But there were a few unique ones amidst the sunglasses and shot glasses like sheets. That’s right, a booth of nothing but sheet sets made of the softest cotton microfiber blend we’ve every felt. We’ve been hunting for California King sheets to go on our new bed but the local stores usually don’t have that size and if they do the sheets are either stiff and scratchy or ugly but always super duper expensive. So to find lovely plum colored sheets for a quarter of the price and softer than anything we’ve come across in a long time was definitely the score of the day!! After the flea market we started heading back to the ferry but we had to stop for some java at the huge cafe. The place was packed but that’s because the coffee was really good and the pastries even better!! We’ve never seen so much powdered sugar floating around, it was everywhere!! Fully caffeinated and sugared up it’s back to the ferry we go.

Before we made it to the Ferry we found the lovely old cathedral church we had seen from the Ferry ride over. Much to our surprise we stumbled across a wedding in progress in the lovely garden outside the church. Hope they live happily ever after!!

100_0084 100_0085





Across the street from the Ferry dock is Harrah’s casino and hotel. Who can walk past a huge play ground like that and NOT take a peak?? We wandered in and were very surprised at how big it was on the inside. Most of the shops we’d been in all day were very tiny and so jam-packed with stuff it was hard to move around sometimes. The casino is massive and I’m sure we didn’t even see a quarter of it. We decided to each play a $20 and just see where it took us. It didn’t take long for it to dwindle after machine hopping a few times. I had about $4 left and went to a new machine to hit a max bet to use it up and head home. Surprise!! Big Win!! Well for us at least… I hit the bonus round and won all our money back minus $1.25.  Nice end to a fabulous day!!

We had a blast, drank too much, ate fattening stuff but walked several miles at least, we got a little sun and had a way over due adventure!!

Next up… Completed crafts/upcycling projects!! 😀

With Much Love




7 thoughts on “French Quarter Adventure!!

  1. You are having way too much fun. But good for you after all you’ve been through. Things are looking so bright, I’ll have to wear shades to read your blogs from now on!

  2. What perfect fun…glad you found great eating, drinking, shopping and sun! And what better town to be in! GOOD FOR YOU!!

  3. Okay first, Ima need some more pics of you due to your excessive cuteness! I’m so glad you are getting out and getting to enjoy all the fruits of your labor, not just within this job but with everything you’ve gone through in the past few months! I’m so excited for you and proud of you guys! I am always thinking of you and always sending that good juju your way mama. Much love to you and the Mister, Kitty (haha Mister Kitty!) Love ya boo Kiki

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