Blessings Overflow

I believe that when we are truly grateful for what we already have and give thanks the Universe responses favorably by showering us with more and more blessings. Sometimes I’m in awe of the blessings in my life and it’s overwhelming. I’m having one of those times tonight and thought I’d share it with you.

Every night, every single night, when I lay my head on the pillow I say a prayer of thanks for all the blessings of my day. Some may seem small and petty like a good hair day but I’m grateful and I say a silent Thank You. Other times I give thanks for a lesson the Universe has sent my way, a lesson I was open to and was able to receive. I’m always grateful for the people in my life, the beautiful people that surround me, embrace me and love me for me. I’m grateful for the air I breathe, the roof over my head, to go to bed with a full belly, money in my pocket, a job I love and the best husband in the whole wide world.

We meet new people everyday, we hear pieces of their story, we get a glimpse into their lives. Usually a major event is causing them to need a storage unit. Chris spoke at length with a woman needing storage for the first time in her life because her husband recently passed away quite suddenly. I helped a gal our age get a new unit because she was filing for divorce due to her husband acquiring a new girlfriend. A lovely young man needed to store some things due to just moving here to switch careers and go to teaching school. Another young lady came to see us to store her things while she is overseas in Afghanistan serving her second tour with the Army. We hear their stories, get a glimpse and help however we can. In each story there are blessings to be found in their life and in mine.

I count you among my sweetest blessings and I love you dearly. Thank You.

With Much Love



6 thoughts on “Blessings Overflow

  1. I so enjoy readingyourbpog, and I am grateful for all of the little tngs in my life I am so happy for you and Chris.may God watch pver you nd keep the blessing coming for you both. I feel that I have traveled with you through your journeys… Keep the post coming …. I love them

  2. AMEN!!! Nice post, I have been thinking of doing a Thanksgiving in Spring post because I think it is important to always give thanks. The small things and the big things… I feel thankful when i do my laundry – though it seems like such a chore, I am thankful I have the abilities and the means – YOU know what I’m talking about.

    Thank you for a great post.

    • It really is amazing the nearly instant change in my life once I began giving thanks daily, sometimes hourly, for the over abundance of blessing I receive.
      Happiness is a choice and I chose to be deliriously happy every day!!
      Much blessings to you my friend!!

  3. Kristy, you are right. Gratitude opens the windows of heaven for blessings to pour down. 🙂

    So glad you are finding so much to enjoy in your lives. 🙂

    • I think that giving thanks….being grateful….appreciative of the good is the easiest way to bring joy into your life. Happiness is in the eye of the beholder!!

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