Upcycle/Craft Pictures Galore!!

So I know I’ve been promising craft and upcycle pics… Some projects take a bit more time than others and sometimes way more time than I thought. But I’m super excited with the end results I got so in the end it really doesn’t matter!!

First up – Finished Furniture!!

From this

One of the Dining Room Chairs and the shelf


100_0092 100_0091

We chose a sage color for the shelves and a rich plum purple for the rods. I used spray paint for the whole project including a clear sealing coat. We thought we were going to look for a couch/foyer table for the space between the office door and the doorway to the kitchen but we love how the shelf looks there so much we’re scrapping that idea and leaving it as is. You can tell it’s official since the Darth Vader head has christened it. TeeHee!!

Next up, BARSTOOLS!!

From this

Before Sanding

Before Sanding

After Sanding

After Sanding








100_0093 100_0090

These were also completed with all spray paint. The tops are a sky blue and the legs are a fabulous turquoise. I am in LOVE with the turquoise!! These will be plant stands eventually but for the moment they’re serving as end tables until I find some of those to spiffy up or decide to just make them myself!!

We scored a couple new pieces to fancy up this week too!!

100_0088 100_0086

Another bookshelf (this one will actually be used in the office, go figure) and a full length mirror for the bedroom. Still working out the details of how I’m going to fix em up and what colors to use. I’m thinking the mirror will be easier to spray paint with all the grooves. Leaning towards regular painting for the shelf though with a wallpaper background. So many possibilities!! But our dresser is my next project. We NEED the dresser…this panties in the hall closet thing is getting a little old!!

I finished a little project too. Nothing super fancy but it’s cute and serves it’s purpose – What more can you ask for??


This is an upcycled coffee can. We’ve started getting coffee beans at World Market, they had a killer buy one get one free sale last week!! The bags the beans come in are super hard to measure out of and even harder to keep closed. Y’all know me and my upcycling ways and there’s no way I’d throw away a perfectly good regular ground coffee can!! I think I have 6ish saved up for who knows what…yet… So I snagged one and covered it with a couple of sheets of scrapbook paper using modge podge. Viola!! Fancy coffee bean holder for under 25 cents!! Done Done!!



100_0087 100_0089

Here’s a couple new art projects I’ve started. The first is foam board covered in squares of the paint samples you can get in the paint department of any hardware or Man Store. I used spray adhesive to attach them and now I’m on the hunt for a stencil or big enough stickers to add a quote before sealing the whole board. Any good quote ideas??

The other piece of foam board I spray painted the sky blue left over from the bar stool tops. Next I’m going to paint it with either tree branches or a vine or flower stems or something like that. Once that’s dry then I’m going to get the spray adhesive out again and add paint sample circles. Sounds kinda weird but you’ll see what I mean as I get further along with it. It’s super groovy in my head!! πŸ˜€

We’re trying a different schedule at work this week since we’re having a hard time sticking to our half day only work days. Now that we’re out of the busiest part of the month we have to force ourselves to only work our part-time hours. It’s sounds ridiculous but it’s really hard to stop working once we’ve started. Anywho, we’re trying one day on and one day off this week. So I worked all day yesterday and had all day today off. The whole day off allowed me the luxury of cleaning the house, catching up on laundry and time for some extra fun cooking that I wouldn’t have been able to get to otherwise. I made Chinese Chicken Salad for dinner and baked us some goodies for the week. I chose a new recipe for Zucchini Bread with banana and choco chips and since Chris won’t eat anything with zucchini or bananas in it I had to make him something special. He ain’t spoilt though… I whipped up some Peanut Butter Brownie cookies just for him.

100_0098 100_0099Chris thought something was missing when he taste tested his cookies so I frosted them with chocolate icing. After three of the frosted ones he finally came up for air and declared perfection!! He is too cute sometimes!!

So that’s the latest in upcycling and craft projects. Besides for the dresser and mirror makeover I also have a mirror that is getting a facelift with folded magazines. You thought my magazine days were over?? Oh NO!! I have several more magazine project ideas stewing. And the braiding for the rug continues…and continues…and continues. Soon now I think I’ll have enough to start batting my eyes for that sewing machine to finish her up. πŸ˜‰

More pics soon…as I get busy creating again that is…

With much love!!



9 thoughts on “Upcycle/Craft Pictures Galore!!

      • We are in the same boat… starting from scratch after selling everything for our year-long adventure on the road. We aren’t blessed to be able to have a resource for freebies but have been scouring garage sales and thrift stores. I’m heading out today for more treasure hunting.

  1. Love ur idea for poster, here are some quotes
    Shirdi Sai Baba Before you speak ask yourself Is it kind, is it necessary, is it true, does it improve on the silence?

    Frank Tyger Be a good listener. Your ears will never get you in trouble.
    love u mom

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