Party Time!!

There are a couple of things around here that are taken very seriously – Partying and Food!! The local culture is very much so centered around having a good time which usually involves a lot of food and a lot of drinking/partying. We’ve seen some of the different foods, tried a few too but the sizes they are available in are…well… See for yourself –

We’ve tried several different kinds of Po Boy sandwiches from several different places. They are oh so very very good!! I haven’t told Chris this part yet but they’re only available in small convenient store type of places. I haven’t told him because he has this thing about eating food from a gas station…I’d hate for where they come from to ruin a good thing!! We’ve  tried the shrimp (fabulous!!) and roast beef with sauce (gravy, also very very good!!) but our favorite is the hot Louisiana sausage, hands down the best of the best!! We’ve learned that Louisiana is the only place to get this out of this world fabulous sausage. We finally found it in the grocery store so we can have it at home now too. It’s so popular that if you own a restaurant and are caught transporting this sausage across the state line you can be thrown in jail for 60 days. Did I mention they take their food very seriously around here?? Anywho, there’s a great Po Boy place right next to the bank, a nice convenient stop after the bank run on Fridays… This Friday we were running late and starving so I ordered a “whole” sandwich instead of the half I normally get. I really didn’t think anything of it…I hand over my $10 bill and wait my turn in line to pick up our sandwich ‘dressed’ with mayo, lettuce, tomato and pickles. I couldn’t believe my eyes when they handed me the sandwich…


It’s literally the length of our kitchen table…36 inches. This is considered a whole sandwich, the half I learned is only 12 inches, and I only paid  a few dollars more for the ‘whole’ vs the ‘half’. Craziness!! But it was sooooo good!!! 😉

Yesterday we went to the “Spring Bash” Party thrown by the contractor that helps all us Mini’s with our construction repairs and maintenance. The big boss man from corporate came down to check on all of us and to attend the party of the season. I’m thrilled to report that we passed our inspection and review with flying colors. Our Mini looks better than it has in years and the company is proud to have us as managers on their property.  😀  Anywho, back to the party!! We heard there was going to be live music, free flowing booze and more food than we could imagine – so it was our first taste of a Louisiana style party. The menu consisted of Catfish, Redfish, fresh live lobster, ribeye steaks, crawfish, raw and cooked oysters, gumbo and shrimp creole besides the table full of salads and sides and for dessert several batches of bread pudding with butterscotch chips. We knew we’d get to sample some of the other local foods that we haven’t been brave enough to try yet… Chris went first with the cooked oysters.






Both of us were a little leery, we heard oysters were slimy… Chris ate several before he got to one that was a little slimy and was done. I tried them too and I really like em. I’m not sure exactly how they cooked em or what with but they were buttery with lots of garlic and parmesan cheese topping. Neither of us where interested in trying the raw oysters…

We were looking forward to trying the crawfish, well I was at least. I was hoping I’d get Chris to try some too but we were too late, every last crawfish was devoured by the time we arrived. Soon though, very soon!!

Of course we had to try some of the live lobster… I did understand they were all alive but I didn’t need to see them gutted to get the point.

100_0107 100_0104





But how it was done didn’t change the taste!! We each thoroughly enjoyed our lobster tails and steaks. I was even able to get the majority of the secret marinade recipe from Ken, another Mini manager. He special orders dried leeks from California for just one of the ingredients of his famous marinade. That’s a new one for me!!

100_0109 100_0108





Our assistant Miss Erica and her fiance came with us to the party. They were able to meet and mingle with everyone too and really enjoyed themselves. I think we’re going to have them over soon for some ‘Yank’ food. I think they need a good Tater Bake!! That should be “Yank” enough don’t ya think??

And just when we thought the party was over…at least the food part…we were so stuffed with all the good eats!! Out comes the prime rib for us to take home!! Marinated and ready to grill or roast. Unbelievable!!


The party was so much fun!! Besides all the fabulous food I indulged in some Jack and Cokes…a few… Not my fault Chris kept feeding them to me!! 😉 It was a blast to get to chat with all the other Mini Managers and get to know them, swap stories and laugh a lot!! Next outing is to the flea market and beach in Mississippi with one of the other Mini couples.

Now our weekend is coming to an end… Hopefully the weather will turn around so I can get back to my painting and art projects, the humidity has been too thick, never mind the actual rain. Fingers crossed this week is better!!

With Much Love



8 thoughts on “Party Time!!

  1. Gheez we call hambugers and hot dogs on the grill a party up here…I’m living in the wrong area. My mouth is hanging open…I want it all! Happy your surrounded by such “good” people! Party on!

  2. Cool beans for sure. We did have Mud Bugs (Crawfish) while we were there but we missed the ‘real deal’ a Crawfish boil. From what I heard your post on that when you experience one will be interesting too.
    Man I am getting hungry thinking about that feast.
    Great to hear all things are going well.

  3. Make sure you get your crawfish soon. It’s a seasonal thing — at least by the end of May! Sounds like you had a ve fusion of oysters Rockefeller. I’m jealous. Beem trying to figure how to get some of my favorite LA sausage — Martin Brothers. It’s the best! I’m here enjoying all the Mexican food I can.

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