New Bed – finally!!

When we were getting everything together to hit the road in Snowball a lot of people had a lot of doubts. Some truly thought we’d done gone lost our minds. Maybe so…maybe not. It’s hard to believe that was a year ago, only a year ago. Most days it feels like a lifetime ago… I keep remembering a conversation I had with one person in particular. I remember my blind excitement of our grand adventure a mere few weeks from take off. I also remember the huge stress of trying to rid ourselves of so much stuff…where to put it or how to sell it. I remember her asking me what we’d do when this crazy scheme failed and we had no ‘things’ to start over again with. I easily replied that we’d sell Snowball and buy a new couch if need be. She then replied that I couldn’t expect my family to bail us out again should our ‘plan’ not work out. I think this comment is why I remember the conversation so vividly because it felt like such a low blow. But I kept my cool and left it at that. I haven’t really spoken with her since…not because of bad feelings or anything like that but sometimes my out of the box thinking, nontraditional lifestyle and out there ideas are just too weird for others. And that is OK!! We’re happy with us an oh what a boring place this world would be if all of us where the same, and thought the same and did the same things!! To each their own!!

True to my word…we sold Snowball to set up house again. Even in the end she hasn’t failed us!!

We were able to purchase our recliners and our little dinning room table set plus two extra stools with some of our Snowball monies. And now – we’ve ordered a bed!! We tried the memory foam mattresses with and without gel but neither of us were convinced that it would be equal to or better than our beloved waterbed. I know…a waterbed?!? But don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!! We’ve had one for at least 13 of our 15 married years and LOVE EM!! New Orleans is the first place we’ve lived that doesn’t have at least 1 store that carries waterbeds and waterbed supplies. So Chris hunted online until he found exactly the frame he wanted for the price he was willing to pay. It took a little longer but in the end we’ll be much happier this way plus he saved us a ton of casholla!! Most of the memory foam mattresses alone were in the $1000 range plus the frame to put it on. That’s a whole lotta money to try something new!! Leave it to Chris to find a California King size solid wood frame with a bookshelf headboard (this was a must for him) and a semi wave-less mattress and all the accessories for $750 SHIPPED!! He is the master when it comes to online shopping, hands down!! So, thanks to our thrifty shopping and Chris’ online genius we’ve managed to get a new bed, new table & chairs and new recliners with our Snowball monies – so far!! We still have a little left but I suspect that’s going into his new TV fund. It’s a little ironic to me that our only purchase that didn’t come with Snowball monies was the couch… 😉

As with our fulltiming adventure we’ve thrown ourselves into our new jobs and lives as Self Storage Mini Managers. We’ve been in our new adventure for 3 whole months now and the honeymoon is still going strong!! We love working together, we love our job, we love our apartment and we’re loving exploring New Orleans!! It’s a fun town with tons to see and do!! 

Here’s to enjoying the life you lead, where ever the road takes you!!

With Much Love!!




2 thoughts on “New Bed – finally!!

  1. What I loved about you guys from the beginning is that you dance to the beat of your own drum and I think you’re fabulous! Just wondering what shipping on a waterbed frame runs… 🙂

  2. Who would have believed you could even find a waterbed now! We had one decades ago and loved it. Then somehow, in some of our moves, we lost track of it. My back and hips sure would appreciate a waterbed now!

    Snowball. She gave you so much, and is still giving. Even though she let you down a lot, it looks like she remained true to the end. Well, kinda, anyway! 😀

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