1 year?? Really!!

Ain’t it funny how everything can change in a year?? Only 1 year ago we were so busy getting everything sold and ready to hit the road to go ‘fulltime’ in the RV. Seems like a lifetime ago… And here we are now – Adventure complete, RV sold, New career, New apartment nearly furnished in a brand new city. The road of life sure does have some curves in there but it’s all about the journey right?? Happy Birthday to the blog!! Here’s to another year of adventure, upcycling and lots of kid pics!!

Since I’ve been a bit neglectful to y’all I figured the best way to celebrate the blogs birthday was a post with lots of pics!! So here’s the picture version of what we’ve been up to!!

100_0088 100_0126





Chris challenged me with this upcycle. He wanted me to keep the ‘remodel’ under $10. Easy Breezy!! First I found some shelf liner at the dollar store that I liked to cover the back panel. And for the paint I mixed a bright turquoise acrylic paint in a can of latex paint that was just lying around and nearly empty. Viola!! We love the contrast and the seafoam is a nice light color. The shelf does need a little touch up…if you look closely you can see a couple scuff marks from putting the shelves back in. Just a downfall of using a latex paint I suppose. But for the price we can’t complain!! Total out of pocket expense for this upcycle – $2.

100_0089 100_0119

Chris couldn’t see where I was going with this picture…and I admit the solid blue foam board stayed propped up again the wall for quite a while before the weather allowed me to actually finish it. I painted the ‘stems’ onto the board and then added the ‘flowers’.  


100_0124Doesn’t every grown man need a super hero blankie?? We think so!! As if we don’t have enough blankets running around here but when I saw this print it just screamed CHRIS so of course the spur of the moment project spawned. Chris and the kids are enjoying this new additional to our blanket inventory… He’s just too stinkin cute!!

100_0133Our first Magnolia bloomed on our tree!! For the past week I’ve been worried about the tree…it’s looked so sickly. But then I realized what was happening – blooms!! Tons of em!! So, here’s the first of many pics of my Magnolia tree. Ahhh… Spring time is HERE!!

100_0130 100_0117

And what kinda Momma would I be without some kid pics?? As usual, Pinks is being a ham for the camera and Chris caught Dickie mid yawn, priceless!!

With much love



4 thoughts on “1 year?? Really!!

  1. loving your recycles…. though of you today when saw NOL Jazzfest going on…what awesome acts in town. Did you get a new hairdo yet?

  2. Love the picture idea. Another thing I wouldn’t have thought of.

    Magnolias are the Queen of flowers. I love to put a couple in vases to so I can enjoy the fragrance indoors, too. They still smell good even after they start turning brown.

    And the kid pictures — priceless. 🙂

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