Picture Update

I did get my hairs cut but she didn’t want to cut em as short as I wanted, something about I wouldn’t be happy with it and more layers would allow air through my hair to keep me cooler. I didn’t quite get it but I’m happy with the hair cut though it still may get shortened depending on how the next wave of humidity hits me regardless of what she thinks. I have a feeling it had something to do with fat girls don’t look good with short hair but that may have just been my interpretation/translation… Vietnamese isn’t a language I’m fluent in. Sorry for the delay in posting pics… I needed to wait for Christoph to have an opening to get my hairs colored, didn’t want any of those non-pigments showing anymore! Here ya go!!

100_0111 100_0113


100_0141 100_0140





NOW!! 😀




We ordered our bed, finally, and it arrived last Friday!! Hip Hip Hooray!! So that’s the good news…the bad news is that the “natural” wood we selected was completely natural – NO sealant, NO stain, NO Nothing. So…guess who’s spent their Saturday varnishing the pieces?? Not I said the fly!! Chris sealed everything and it looks so beautiful!! We’ve now had a few good nights sleep in our new waterbed and it’s been heavenly. Chris couldn’t wait to get rid of the old mattress. So much so that he loaded it up in the golf cart in the pitch dark while it was still raining buckets just to get rid of that thing. Job done!! Ain’t she gorgeous?? A new comforter and some curtains are definitely needed!! Maybe this week we’ll find something that tickles me…

100_0146 100_0145





So it’s been raining A LOT here!! We’ve been desperately trying to do the Spring clean up of the property between rain days. The only thing left on our list is to touch up some paint… You’d think we were asking for gold bricks to appear on our doorstep!! All we need is 3 days in a row without rain. Is that really too much to ask for?? Apparently… But the rain is good for other things like my Magnolia tree and finding new friends like this little guy. We see lots of little gecko type lizards around. They’re great for eating all the little flying bugs but this is our first little froggie.

100_0136 100_0134

Off to finish end of the month paperwork.

With Much Love!!



One thought on “Picture Update

  1. You cutie!!!! The sweetest smile! I’m glad you kept it look as you can tie it up still. Bangs will be fun and they are so “IN” right now. Sometimes I wonder why I’m trying to grow mine out. And the grey…not sure I’m ready for that. This in between makes me feel kind of like an old hag. Plus I’m kind of cranky the last few days anyway! Hip Hip horray for the new bed…gotta have it and it’s like one of my best loves LOL Back to paperwork myself and more rain coming! Rip it Rip it…better than snow and I do have my flip flops on today!!

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