Finishing Touches….Ordered!!

I’ve been scouring the stores around town and the net for some of the finishing touches to complete our rooms. I can’t stand the blank walls!! The lack of storage is still a big hurdle too. Super hard to keep things tidy when so much stuff doesn’t have a permanent home. The fact that I’m extremely cheap, er…I mean thrifty, adds to the time-table for sure. But all the hunting and hours spent online sure did pay off!!

Here’s my steals of the week –

End Tables (Set of 2) for the Living Room – $20

Living Room Curtains (2 Panels) – $20

Office Curtains – $7


So for roughly $50, including taxes, we scored all of the above!! There is one little catch… The end tables are lime green. OK, I’m all about color but that’s a little too extreme even for me!! But if you’ve priced end tables anytime lately you’d see it’s next to impossible to find anything under $50 EACH. Can you smell it?? I so can!! Upcycle project!! The plan is to spray paint them a dark brown and then cover the table top with the mosaic tiles from the Man Store. You know the kind that’s on sheets you can cut to fit usually used as backsplash in kitchens and bathrooms. Like this –

table top tile I think that would have a super groovy effect!! 😀





I’ve also been hunting, online mostly, for a new comforter. Seeing as I’m so thrifty, the prices have been a bit hard to swallow especially since a lot of the patterns and colors are just so so…a lot of ho hum same ole same ole. Until I found THE ONE!! Here she is in all her bright and totally groovy glory!!

City Scene Retro Radar Camel Red

If that doesn’t scream FUN I don’t know what does!! At first I found it in the duvet only and that’s not what I wanted so I started searching for the comforter and so far I’ve found her for as low as $85 for the set, for a KING that ain’t bad at all. Still digging around to see if she’s cheaper anywhere else though. And, as if she ain’t fabulous enough, it’s 100% cotton which is a must for Mr Sensitive. See!! It was meant to be!! 😉 It can’t be a coincidence that the color we picked to highlight the new dresser with is a beautiful shade of ORANGE!! I just love it when a plan, a vision, comes together!!

And with the end of the rain on the horizon the dressers will be getting some much needed and long overdue attention!! I love a good hard rain, a light thunder storm here and there but this constant, day in and day out, storms, tornado warning, flash flood advisories is getting beyond old and FAST!! Bring on some sunshine!!

I’ll post pics of the new additions as soon as they arrive!!

Off to get ready for workie poo. Today is Chris’ Birthday Eve and we’ve got quite the weekend planned even if he doesn’t know about it yet. TeeHee!! I love a good surprise!! Let the Birthday Bash BEGIN!!

With Much Love





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