Birthday Bash!!

This was the first birthday for Chris in several years that we weren’t moving or preparing to move. So I decided we were going to celebrate in a big way!! Birthdays are very important!! It’s a golden opportunity to celebrate your life!! I’ve always viewed my birthday as my own personal holiday where I can do whatever the hell I want so I gave Chris the option, he could tell me what he wanted to do and I’d make it happen or I could plan it all out as a surprise and he’d just be along for the ride. He chose the surprise route – Yippee for me, more creative licensing!!

Friday night the festivities started immediately after we closed up shop. Time to get spiffy and head out on the town. We went to a late dinner and then straight to the movie theater for the Grand Opening of Iron Man 3 in 3D. I’d bought our tickets ahead of time just in case it was a sold out show. We got awesome seats and the movie was great (my favorite of all the Iron Mans). Chris enjoyed it too though he said it was missing something…not sure what else they could have jammed into the movie beside Tony Stark’s ego… Anywho. It was fun to get dressed up and go out on a real date night, something we sometimes forget the importance of after all these years.

Here’s part of my present to Chris –


Saturday, Chris’ actual birthday, was spent with Chris relaxing with some Diablo video game time and a nice long nap. Me on the other hand, I was running around like a crazy lady running the office by myself while cleaning the house from top to bottom while moving in the “new” TV Stand in the front room. I probably should have done more ahead of time but you know me…where’s the fun if it isn’t all at the last minute?? Procrastination is simply part of my reality. Anywho. I was exhausted but the house was clean, the laundry caught up, the dishes done and I even started making some of Chris’ Birthday Dinner. Chris woke up to fresh coffee and a clean house – Perfect!! I sat down for just a minute to have a cup of coffee with Chris before getting on the next task but before I knew it 2 hours had passed – I nodded off in my chair. CRAP!! Chris to the rescue. He put on his uniform shirt and closed up shop for me. Such a sweetheart!!

For his big birthday dinner he requested a meatloaf with all the trimmings. Now I’ve never heard of anyone requesting meatloaf let alone for an ‘ask for anything you want’ type of dinner. But then again this isn’t just any ole meatloaf we’re talking about either. It’s full of BBQ sauce, a few choice spices, bread crumbs instead of crackers and topped with BACON!! And to round off the meatloaf we had real whipped potatoes, brown gravy, green beans with even more bacon, baked beans and hawaiian rolls. But then there’s dessert right?? The Birthday boy isn’t real big on cake so his request was for fudge. Fudge in May?? Really?? OK… I found the simplest recipe on for fudge made in the microwave vs doing a double boiler on the stove. Hell yeah!! It turned out fabulously!! All I did differently was add some Coconut extract and real coconut flakes after everything was melted and blended. Viola!! I found his favorite, cannolis, at a cute little bakery around the corner a few weeks ago and ordered some and a Lemon Meringue Pie ahead of time, before the fudge request. DSCF0218So we had plenty of sweet treats to go around!! I had invited Erica and her fiance over for Birthday dinner with us. Erica was able to come but her fiance had to stay home due to their puppy being sick. We missed her but Chris’ birthday dinner went smashingly!!

And the festivities continued on Sunday!! My original plan had to be revamped so we decided to go shopping instead. Chris has been wanting a really good camera for a while and with some help from a check from his Dad and Yolanda we were able to finally do some real comparison shopping and get him exactly what he’s been waiting for. He’s now the proud new owner of a Fuji S8500. He has been running around the house and property like a little kid taking pictures of everything while playing with all the cool features. We’re planning a trip back across the river so he can really play with it and get some great pics of the sites around the French Quarter. Here’s a sample of what his new camera can do.

DSCF0204 DSCF0207 DSCF0209






DSCF0213 DSCF0236






Chris and I had a great time celebrating life and his Birthday. Here’s to another year full of adventure and surprises!!

With Much Love



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