Busy Busy Busy!!

Life has been running away with us the last couple of weeks. Y’all know how that is!! Too many irons in the fire and all.

We’ve had not one but two different visits from the home office so far this month. The first was our spring maintenance to inspect the property and start the process of scheduling upgrades and improvements with our contractor. We’re getting everything off our wish list but one little thing so I can’t complain. I reserve the right to change my story when all the improvements are actually being done though. 😉 Next up was our final step of training – Marketing. We were more than a little nervous about the whole idea of marketing but now that we’ve had our meeting and got out there to do it that whole fear of the unknown is gone. I wouldn’t say we’re exactly comfortable with it but we’ll get there. Practice makes perfect right??

Everything else has been just living life… All of the usual hurdles involved with starting over in a new state, new company – new everything!! Trying to get everything together to get our new drivers licenses and transfer the registration on the car. Oh and don’t forget shopping for new car insurance since the rates are so out of this world HIGH in Louisiana. Then there’s the ongoing fight with AT&T to fix our internet bill and send us the coupons that were promised nearly 2 months ago. Super FUN!! The upcycle projects are continuing too. I’m knee-deep into a nearly completed wall hanging. We’ve moved the one dresser into the living room to give us a little storage of some sort even though the upcycle of it isn’t complete. We got our curtains for the living room in but I don’t like em…too dull… The new end tables came in too and they are perfect!! Well, lime green isn’t perfect but they’re perfect for the upcycle we had in mind. We finally made it to the Man Store to get the supplies and I’m hoping to have them completed in the next couple of days. We’ve been TV shopping but nothing has jumped out as a must have – at least not that we’re willing to pay for!! There’s also the hunt for new doctors now that our health insurance has kicked in. So hard to pick when it’s just a name on a website…we don’t know the good clinics from the bad…same goes for the hospitals.

Everything seems to be moving at a slower pace because of how limited we are in what we can carry/haul in the Miata. Our other concern is the quickly approaching hurricane season. How are we supposed to evacuate us and the kids in a Miata?? Realistically we know we should trade Big Red in. It’s the responsible thing to do… However it’s literally the last piece of our old life left and very difficult to let go of. Seeing as we don’t need two cars nor have the space to keep two cars and we certainly don’t want to pay the outrageous car insurance prices on two…getting a new car/small SUV and keeping Red isn’t an option either. Something we’re working on…

Speaking of hurricane season…just around the corner – June 1st. We’ve been in a lot of weather…but never had to deal with hurricanes. Our Mini friends and the Home office have been great helping us get prepared. Well at least informing us on what to expect and what we’ll need on hand just in case one comes our way. Now it’s on us to stock up our Hurricane kit and stash away some dough just in case we need to evacuate and seek out a hotel somewhere inland. Lots more info on Hurricane preparedness to come!!

We finally have a real day off today. The plan – NOTHING!! I say that but I’ll be spray painting some furniture today so we can reassemble and hopefully with any luck move it in tomorrow. I’ll also be attempting to finish the new wall hanging I’ve been working on all week…

New post on the upcycled end tables, bedroom mirror and Hurricane kits coming up!!

With Much Love



3 thoughts on “Busy Busy Busy!!

  1. Hi there, I wonder how hurricane preparedness differs from earthquake preparedness. Here the saying is “72 hrs” of water, food, meds, batteries etc. Also, I wonder if you can go to yelp to find good reviews on doctors? As for us, went to see some carribean dancing at our De Young museum, went to lunch and shopping (bought 1 $10 item) got a foot massage, went to the ballet (1st time in 35 years), so it was busy. Love, Yolanda

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