I LOVE Upcycling!!!

These may be my absolute favorite upcycling projects so far!! I think the more I do the better I get just like anything else in life I suppose…

I’m too excited to show you. So here they are!!

lime green tablesupcycled tile end tables






So… Here is my latest creation. Well, I have to give Chris some credit on this one. We brainstormed the idea together and picked out the color and tile together. So these lime green clearance end tables got the face life of a lifetime!! Ain’t it amazing what a little spray paint and a piece of tile can do?? Gorgeous if I do say so myself!!

wall hanging





This new wall hanging was my sole focus for nearly two weeks. You may need to click on the image to enlarge it to see all the individual dots. How did I do it?? Well… I used a standard paper punch and lots and lots of paint chip sample cards. Add in a half-dozen glue sticks and a pair of tweezers – Viola!!

Can you tell that these pics came from Chris’ new fabulous camera?? He is so in love with his new toy. Here’s a few other great pics he’s taken –

nearly full moon Dragonfly






Magnolia blossom Magnolia bloom after rain





Y’all have been hearing me talk about this famous Louisiana Hot Sausage for a couple of months now. It’s amazing!! Chris and I took to it so much so that we’ve instituted Po’ Boy Fridays. Every Friday we have to do a bank run and then come back to the office to finish up our weekly packet to the Home Office and then head out to the Post Office. It’s our Friday routine. Well it just so happens that the best, so far, Po’ Boy place is on the way home from the Post Office. It must be a sign or something… Anywho. This awesome Louisiana Hot Sausage is available for sale in the grocery too so we thought we’d give it a go here at home. OMG!! We ‘dressed’ it like we normally get it out but here at home with fresh hot french bread – AMAZING!! If you’re ever down this way you absolutely have to try it!! This is the name brand to find it under at the grocery, a little ironic don’t ya think??

Louisiana Hot Sausage That’s all folks!! Another round of marketing tomorrow bright and early. Then with any luck a trip to the nail salon… πŸ˜‰

With Much Love



8 thoughts on “I LOVE Upcycling!!!

  1. Wow. That wall hanging is great! I can see how it took 2 weeks to complete. Great work. David and I went to the Upcycle-ing grand show last week. The Maker Faire. Part science fair, part DIY show and everyone there is a maker. Like you. Have fun with it


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