Hurricane Season

June 1st – November 30th = HURRICANE SEASON

Hurricanes are a new weather situation for us… We’ve never much thought about hurricane season let alone had to prepare for one before. It’s a little unsettling to think about all the ‘what if’ scenarios I admit. So we don’t. We are simply preparing for something that may or may not happen. Much like the Zombie Apocalypse. We’re in good hands though with our new Mini friends. They have been through a few here and in Texas so compared to us they’re experts. No worries!!

So what exactly are we doing to prepare?? Lots of stuff… Oh were oh were to start?

First of all we are starting to sock away non perishable food. There is no electricity during the storm naturally but it’s a waiting game after to see when it’ll come back on. Our friends lost power for 9 days during last years hurricane but the storm only lasted 3 days. You just never know how long till they get to you. Without electricity we’ll be using our new wind-up weather radio to get all the updates so we’ll be very well aware of everything that’s going on. We’ll be using our camp stove from our Snowball days to do all our cooking on. Naturally we also need to stock up on the kid’s food and litter too. We’ve also bought a battery operated room lantern, extra flashlights and a bunch of batteries in every size…just in case.

Water is another huge part of our emergency kit. The guidelines say to have 1 gallon per person for at least 3 days. It’s super easy to get dehydrated when it’s so incredibly hot and humid without air conditioning. We need to stock up extra water too because we will be without running water during the storm as well. For safety reasons we purposely turn off the water to the property while we’re preparing to hunker down for the storm. (just in case the water line would break, to prevent flooding and in case the water becomes contaminated we wouldn’t want it in the water lines if at all possible) With no running water we need enough stockpiled to flush the potty when absolutely necessary. For the potty situation we’ve bought 2 big orange buckets to fill with water before we shut it all down and then store them in the shower. Very much so like our Snowball days!! 😉

To secure the property we have fitted plywood sheets to go over all our windows and solid 2X4’s to secure them in place. We also chain the main gates closed. Once everything is secure we hunker down in the apartment and ride it out. So long as it’s a Category 1 or 2. Once a hurricane is determined to be a Category 3 or better the city has instituted a mandatory evacuation. In that case we board and chain everything up and head for the hills, or Chicago in our case.  We’re putting together a “Go Bag” just in case we need to grab it and run. We need 7-10 days worth of clothes for various weather, a full size of every toiletries we use and travel money.

In preparing for the following months we need to always have our cellphones charged, our laptops charged, cash on hand, full tank of gas in Big Red, all prescriptions filled with extra on hand, fully stocked first aid kit etc. We have a long grocery list of things still to get but luckily the most likely time for a hurricane is when we are at our hottest in August and September so we have a little time left to stock up. Nothing too drastic is missing off the list it’s mostly convenience items such as paper and plastic utensils, more canned goods and extra sanitary items such as baby wipes that we don’t normally keep on hand. We’ll be putting together our “Go Bag” soon which will more that likely require a trip to the good ole Wally for cheap throw away clothes.

We’re preparing for the worst while hoping for the best!! I must admit that the weather experts are cautioning all of us down here for a bad storm season. I don’t fully understand the indicators but it has something to do with us getting so hot so early in the season (heat advisory again today for temps of 92) and El Nino not being in place in the upper United States as it has been in recent years to keep the storms out to sea. I don’t want to freak anyone out (Mom) but I wanted to pass along the information we’ve acquired. We’ll have plenty of warning if a hurricane is heading our way unlike all those poor people in Oklahoma with just a few minutes notice if that.

If any of y’all have a suggestion…a tip… PLEASE pass it along!! This is our first go round and we can use more info and insight!!

With Much Love



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