The Mini Routine

As you may have noticed… I’m not sure what to write about anymore. We are settling into a normal routine at the Mini and everything cycles the same this month as it did the last month. We meet new people, we clean, we do paperwork, we make phone calls – all part of our routine now. Sometimes things out of the ordinary happen like….

A stripper getting pulled over in our driveway at 6:30 AM for drunk driving. Now that was quite the show and we didn’t even have to pay a cover charge!!

Picking up chicken bones in the driveways. Only thing we can figure is the dumpster that they pass to leave was just too much of an inconvenience to use…

At the auction last week we had a new buyer that was arguing with me over what the definition of ’24 hours’ means… Really?!? Come ON!! Guess what? It means whatever I say it means cuz I run this Bitch. How do you like them apples?? 😉

We’re getting used to being called all kinds of pet names. If we ain’t called Baby a dozen times throughout the day we’re doing something wrong. And there are lots of variations like Sugar, Sug, Honey etc. Lots of people refer to all ladies as Momma. That one is taking a bit longer to get used to but I’m gettin there. Saturday I had to run out on the property to take a lock off a new rental upstairs. No biggie. After I run up the stairs, take the lock off and turn the hall light on for the men I ask if there’s anything else I can do for them. Same thing I do for everyone. Only this particular young man has a smart ass retort… Something along the lines of “Can you shake it up the stairs again Mommy?”. After a good Gibbs smack upside his head from the older gentleman the young man apologized and Chris brought them their water after that. Really? Whatever!

And then tonight we went outside to smoke only to find that we’re being swarmed again by these pesky flying termites. They seem to be worse after a good rain like we had this morning. Only problem is the last time they swarmed like this they found a way into our walls!! Oh yes… We now have 6 holes in our wall/ceiling where the little buggers laid their eggs after having their one night of fun and their little hoodlum babies are eating their way through my walls!! Bastards!! The bug guy just moved back to the top of my call list in the morning.

There is always something going on with someone here at the Mini. Sunday is usually our only day to hibernate at home without any work interruptions. Usually. But when we go out to smoke and people are coming in and out the gate…things just come up. Today we had to cut a customers lock off cuz they couldn’t find the key. The phone rang several times and it was one of our great customers so we called back to help her out. All part of the job especially when we’re so visible outside. In my pj’s… Oh well!!

In other news we finally got our health insurance – Hallelujah!! Our appointments with the new doc went great!! We both liked him a lot and felt very comfortable. Bright and early tomorrow morning we’re both getting a whole slew of labs done since we’re way overdue. Not sure if starting off the morning without coffee is going to fare well for the rest of the day but we do what we gotta do… Certified are coming up which Chris translates into me being Certifiable or as my friend on the road calls it “Shark Week”. Whatever you wanna call it I’ve been a little cranky and it’ll be a few days before it lets up… Feel real bad for the contractors and the delinquent accounts I need to call as soon as we get back from our blood draw. And then bright and early again Tuesday morning I’m headed over to the hospital to get a very expensive ultrasound done to check on this gall bladder of mine. Even with good insurance that bad boy is gonna cost me $391!! Can you believe that?? Robbery!! But at this point anything that’ll get rid of these tummy aches is worth the cost. Even if that means surgery… I’ll keep y’all posted!

I’ll try to get back into my old routine of writing more often… Sometimes I just don’t know what to say. To us the routine is getting to feel a bit boring but then again there’s always something weird going on…never a dull moment at the Mini!!

With Much Love





One thought on “The Mini Routine

  1. it is not boring. They are nice vignettes. sometimes the details are what makes something interesting, like what was the temperature when you were out there smoking, and what do you look at when you smoke, and how did you notice these termites, and how do you feel about the cigarettte, etc etc. These are those internal items that, to me, give depth and interest. A blog is perfect for that. You could not get into all that in a conversation or you’d be considered weird maybe? Unless you were on stage? Ah well, keeep on keeping on!
    We had the pancreatic cancer action network fundraising walk this weekend, and they raised nearly 400,000 dollars I think. I am getting really tired waiting for a cure! Let us know about the galbladder testing.

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