Dancin in the Rain

There’s no point in lying about it…it has been stress city for us the last couple weeks. Just one of those times were everything seems to be  hitting at once and it’s been quite overwhelming…at least for me!!

So here’s the update!!

Our rush for the month is nearly over at the Mini. Thank heavens!! It was quite the end of month with the auction, tons of payments and new move-ins (yippee) followed immediately by a new round of lock cuts (14 this month – yikes!!). Now the pace will start to slow back down to the preferred gentle glide. Our assistant is helping out at 2 other Mini’s this month which has switched up our schedule quite a bit. She’s helping to cover the Mini that lost its managers the end of June until the new couple starts the 1st of July. So….no 2 day weekends for us this month…Sundays and Thursdays until after the 4th of July. On a positive note – we get to keep our beloved assistant!! Home office has her at the top of the list for a smaller property that she can manage on her own but until then she’s all ours!!

On the doctor front… Well, it’s looking like surgery for me folks. Our new doc agreed with Dr Mom that my tummy aches were probably due to Gallstones so the next step was labs and an ultrasound. When I had the ultrasound the cute little tech confirmed there are gallstones present. Much to my surprise the doc called me personally to tell me the results and to let me know surgery was in order. Apparently I not only have gallstones but one particularly large stone about an inch in diameter. It didn’t initially sound all that bad to me until it was explained how tiny the bile duct is and that a stone that size would/could quite easily completely block my duct causing HUGE problems. So off to the surgeon I go, next week. Not sure if more tests are needed….not sure if they need to break up the big stone before surgery…not sure how soon they’ll want to do surgery…not sure how long of a recoup time I’ll have…not sure how taking time off for surgery is going to work with the new job especially with  Miss Erica working at 3 Mini’s this month…not sure about how we’re going to pay our deductible for everything… Not sure of a lot of things right now but hopefully the appointment with the surgeon will answer some of the unknowns. Until then I’m just trying to breathe and not have another attack.

We are no closer to being hurricane prepared…at this point. Finding clothes to buy just to put away is proving difficult since we don’t have a lot of clothes to begin with. Stocking up on cases of water and other bulky items is problematic with the Miata…not a whole lot of trunk space in the old girl. But with things slowing down at the Mini next week we’ll be able to do a couple runs to the Man Store, load the car to capacity and get hurricane ready. Our mail man told me this week that they are predicting 6-8 named storms to develop and possibly make a run for land. Better safe than sorry so we’re focusing this week on having everything on hand and organized – just in case!!

But this afternoon we had a cleansing cooling rain complete with an orchestra of thunder. It has been a long time since I’ve seen such a show from Mother Nature. She’s still rumbling on now. One of the lightning strikes was really close to us. We were afraid it was actually on the property – now that’s close!! It instantly took out all our cameras so someone had to go out and check on things… Pick me!! Pick me!! Sundress and all I go out for a little rain walk. Everything looked fine so on the way back I decided to do a little dancing in the rain puddles. Why not? The puddles were so warm!! I wasn’t expecting that. It was so much fun!! So I danced in the rain today like a little girl and didn’t give a damn who was watching!!

Even with all the stress recently there is always fun to be had and something to laugh at even if it’s just yourself. It ain’t all that serious and like my Grandma said “It’ll all come out in the wash.”

With Much Love




2 thoughts on “Dancin in the Rain

  1. Hope the surgery goes fast and easy, Kristy. I loved your rain dance. I had forgotten what fun playing in a warm rain and puddles could be.

    About hurricane season, be prepared. But also stay flexible. If you have to evacuate, leave early to keep from being stranded on the highway.

    • We’ve made some progress on the hurricane kit!! Such a relief. Between my surgery and the hurricane season my fear of the unknown is running rampant…

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