Settling In Nicely

Today was our 1 true day off so we split it, half doing chores and half doing fun stuff like CRAFTING!!  🙂

The chores weren’t even that bad, more Honey Do List than chores.  OK, so it was fun house settling stuff for me and work for Chris… Whatever!!  😉

Mr hang the curtains in the front room and the office. See!! Ain’t they pretty!!

DSCF1077 DSCF1076




He also assembled his new desk and set up his computer and all the electronic stuff that goes with it. The office/craft room is coming together with a defined space for each of us and our hobbies. Just like we designed!! I love it when a plan comes together!!





So of course I had to play a little with my new craft space. I whipped up this little upcycled planter today.


Planter – Check

Plant Stand – Check

Just need the plant now.  TeeHee

Finished project update coming soon. I also have a couple other projects in the works that are nearly finished so lots more on way. Stay Tuned!!

We are printing some of Chris’ amazing photos from his new camera to frame his art and display it proudly in the apartment. He is my newest favorite picture. It’s already the background on my laptop and soon it’ll be on my wall!!


With Much Love



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